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ok so this is my firs child she is 16 months and has started to throw tantrums now i dont beleve in spanking so i dont no where to start can i put her in time out?? she wont stay in one place with out me there .... then that it my attention wich im trying to avoid im in a pickel hope some one hase bean here and is willing to help thanks!


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Krystal - posted on 10/04/2009




My son has a problem with tantrums as well and since he will not sit in one spot I put him in his crib and sit in his room with him for about 2 minutes until he calms down.
Hope this helps....Good Luck

Barbara - posted on 10/02/2009




Ohhhh hunny i feel ur pain!!!! My daughter will be 16 months the ninth but she started throwing tanturms exactly 1 week after her 1st birthday:( Now they have progressed into ALL OUT caos!!!! she throws herself on the floor, screams, kicks her feet, and swings her arms!!! I have been using the "just ignore her" tactic ever since she first started with just the screaming when she dont get her own way.......that isnt working!!!!! she's getting worse every day:( I'm not exactly sure what my next step should be either:( I'm HOPING that because she started so early they will go away earlier lol. (i think thats a lost dream tho LOL) Maybe you can try the ignoring tactic and see if it works with her???? every child is different so you may have to try a bunch of different things until you find what her "tick" is. Best of luck to ya:)

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