Terrible 2's

Kelly - posted on 05/17/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My child has started to hit....ALOT. How is the best way to deter this? I've tried hold her hands and saying now (usually this warrants another hit on me, and her saying NOT NICE MOMMY), and I've tried time out. Help please!


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Rebekah - posted on 05/17/2009




Hi Kelly.

Time out works best for us. My son is just 2 and went through a hitting phase a while back. We just picked him up, put him in the hall and sat him down.

Before he understood properly we would let him come back in straight away, explain what he'd done wrong and then have cuddles. Now he's a bit older and understands he has to sit on the naughty step for two minutes and then we fetch him and explain as before. Normally he gets a warning before he has time out but for hitting it's a no warning 'crime' - it's completely unacceptable and he knows it. He doesn't get any reaction other than being put on the naughty step - not even a 'NO'. They hit to get a reaction so if they don't get one they will soon stop trying.

It will take time and persistance but should work as soon as she realises that you're not going to back down. Hope that helps.

By the way, your daughter is gorgeous!

Jennifer - posted on 05/17/2009




I know one thing I was told and sometimes it works and sometimes not is to distract them from the situation. Saying things like hands are for clapping or loveing and not hitting. Sometimes it works to talk to my son and sometims not. I have been in your situation though and it does get better!

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