terrible tantrums

Sarah - posted on 07/28/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my lil boy is 15 months ol he is so naughty its unbelivable..he does everything hes not alowed to do. turning ovens on, washing machines, throwing things in toilet, tormenting my mothers dogs, taking his nappy off and swingin it around, climbing on high things and much more i cant even think right now hes wearing me out so much and wen u try and stop him he goes mad big loud screaming throwing things its realy annoying thten wen u hold him and he stops he goes back and does the naughty things again..what do i do hes so energetic


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Kylie - posted on 07/28/2009




wow he sounds full on,,my advice be aware of what hes eating..maybe try to cut out excess sugar and preservatives. toddler proofing your house and having a safe area where he can run around freely and you don't have to watch him life a hawk and keep telling him no will take the pressure off you. Pick a few things that are non negotiable, like tormenting the dogs, opening the front door to go outside, climbing up high, basically anything dangerous and be consistent with the consequence. one warning then into time out for one minuet. Redirecting his attention is a good strategy for this age, don't yell or hit. i didn't have to implement any time outs for my first until she was three..but when she started with the tantrums i learned its best to just let them go and if they need a cuddle to calm down thats ok. Praise the good behaviors, ignore the undesirable stuff. Good luck.

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