Terrible two's...I think?!

Kristina - posted on 06/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Well honestly I think my title says it all.  I don't know whatelse to do.  My son has always been strong willed, but lately he is completely out of control.  I can't get him to do anything without a MAJOR battle. I can't get him to stop doing things he's not supposed to do. I have tried everything; nothing works. He won't stay in timeout, I feel like a broken tape record and am having to countlessly repeat myself to him. I've tried counting, but that doesn't work either, he simply brushes it off. I've taken away his favorite toys which doesn't work for long.  I will admit I've yelled at him quite harshly, which usually scares him off or makes things worse. Against my true self, I have tried spanking, but it doesn't even phase him, or he then hits back.  I feel like giving up.  I have so much animosity toward him and I feel like such a bad mother for feeling that way, and for losing control of my own child to this degree. I don't have him in preschool or daycare cause I'm simply afraid the teachers wouldn't know how to handle him either. It is extremely and keeps me worried because I am currently 6 months pregnant with another baby; I fear that I will continue with this and care for my newborn. I know he prob. wants me to play with her more, (he is a giant ball of energy) but I just don't have the energy right now. He can be a bit of a brat at times. When I do try to take him anywhere special or fun, he inevitably has a meltdown at some point. He rarely takes his usual 1-2 hr. naps, and of course bedtime at night is a even bigger problem; he will fall asleep around 12am (I know thats really late) wake up at 2am, stay up until 8am and then falls asleep again til 3pm. I can't figure out what the problem is, or whereelse to turn. I do not live near nor have any help from any friends or family and i often feel that my husband is more concerned with financially providing for us (he works two jobs) than helping me out; even though he will still come home from work and finish the laundry or dishes or other household duties I neglect to do at times. I rarely leave my home, the only time I go out is when my husband doesn't work. I feel like I am losing my mind being at home all the time with a child that doesn't listen to me whatsoever.I just want to gain control of my family and feel that when I bring this new baby into the world that it doesn't add to the already chaotic way my son is; I'm also afraid of how contently my emotions are being frazzled that it will affect my unborn baby. So please any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.


Jodi - posted on 06/22/2013




I am thinking that your son's sleeping schedule could be causing a lot of the problems. While it is normal for children this age to be difficult, as they begin to assert their independence, his sleeping patterns are certainly not normal.

Can I ask what hours dad works? it sounds like MAYBE (if dad is working two jobs), your son is not getting a good regular schedule and perhaps this is the thing you need to be more persistent with. After all, sleeping from 8am to 3pm is not normal unless you are a shift worker, so why are you allowing your child to sleep these hours? No wonder he won't nap or go to be until midnight, or sleep all night. It might be time to set a rigid sleeping schedule, which may need to start with keeping him awake during the daytime.

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