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Hi I am a mom of a 2.5 year old and a 2.5 month old.\, I am currently breastfeeding my 2.5 month old son and we have been battling thrush for about 4 weeks now does anyone have any suggestiong on getting rid of this.


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Heidi - posted on 04/19/2009




We have canastan over her in England which is good in all adult thrush proplems and it can be taken by mouth, i know that natural bio yoguart helps with thrush for an ulternative but i would say keep on to your health visitor or doctor it's not nice for you or baby to have to put up with and keep you nipples clean after each feed so as not to re-infect

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Grape fruit seed extract works great! I take it in capsule form and I also mix it with distilled water. Go to and search for thrush and you'll find a lot of helpful suggestions there.

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I wasn't breastfeeding at the time my son had thrush. He's had it twice and the doctor put him on a antifungal medicine. The first kind didn't work so they tried something else which worked right away...I wish I could remember the name of it for you!

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Try an antifungal creme on your nipples after you feed. I used Equate antifunlgal and it worked in a few days. My daughter and I struggled with it for about a month. The equate antifungal also works great if they get thrush in the diaper area.

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wow, and they have no other suggestions??!! Have they said anything about stopping breastfeeding so the bacteria stop or anything like that? You havent gotten it on your nipples yet? My son had a little in his mouth and I got a little infection on my nipples, but when I stopped it went away. I know thats not an option for a lot of people though.

Erica - posted on 04/18/2009




we have been on two nystatin and gention violet neither seem to be doing the trick

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I cant quite remember, but it seems like my pediatrician said that if there was ever a problem there was an antifungal medication they could take? Might want to ask your sons doctor.

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