Too much sleep?

Emily - posted on 09/10/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi moms! My 12 wk old son has been sleeping for 12-13 hours at night which puts him at about 14 hours between feedings during that time. I'm wondering if that's alright, or if I should be waking him up to feed him? He eats well every three hours during the day. It's been a couple weeks since he's been weighed, so I'm not sure what he's gaining now. What are your thoughts?


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Iysha - posted on 09/10/2009




I do know that children are ready to go all night without a feeding sometime between 3 and 6 months. Your baby is right at that mark.I'd call your child's pediatrician If you're real worried about it.

Kelly - posted on 09/10/2009




Hi my daughter is exactly the same.... she has been sleeping from 7 or 8ish on a night and i wake her up during the week at 8 to get her ready to go on the school run but on a weekend i leave her and she gets up between 9 and 10ish..... when she wakes up she then has a bottle and slleps for another hour or 2...... As long as he isn't losing weight then i wouldn't worry, just count yourself lucky, i do.... i know a lot of people with babies that are still getting up 2 or 3 times during the night x x

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