too soon to potty train?

Jennifer - posted on 06/10/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




i took my daughter to her 15 month appointment. my doctor asked me what she was up to and i listed off what she was doing. then i asked him when was a good time to start potty training her because she taking a little interest in the potty. he snapped at me "no dont potty train her she's too young your setting her up for failure!" but the thing is im not forcing her to go or anything like that, she sits on it and if she goes great if she doesnt oh well. and i'm afraid if i stop letting her explore now she will lose interest and not wanna go when its time to train. what do you guys think?


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Jacque - posted on 06/10/2009




i have actually got my bachelor's degree in early childhood development! i have learned to let the child play, or as you put it "explore". children learn best through this!!! if you take that away, your child will not learn a thing or take any interest! stopping her will only do her wrong! LET HER EXPLORE!!!!! and if she goes potty, that's great. if not, that's ok. she's still learning about her environment, and what things are used for!

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haha... well, my kids must be "maladjusted". I started potty training both of them "early" by US standards. DD1 began training at 17m and was fully trained (including nights) by 21m. She is now three. DS began training at 18m and is just now fully trained (excluding nights) and he is turning 2 in a few weeks. You know your kids better than anyone else. You know when they are ready... it's not a contest, they will all be potty-trained in elementary school. Follow your gut.

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i have a 21 month old that I have been sitting on the potty for about a month now. I don't force him to sit on it. i ask him and he even walks to the potty. i sit him on it and if he doesnt want to. i take him off. I know around 2 is when it is a good time to train so I think I'm trying early too. but if they will. then do it. just dont push the issue.

Jennifer - posted on 06/10/2009




thanks everyone for their opinions :) they are very helpful and i think I'm gonna continue encouraging her to do what she feels when it comes to the potty. :)

Deidre - posted on 06/10/2009




I think your doctor may have been a bit paranoid about how you'd handle the potty training. Many people will try to force potty training on their child before they are ready and it completely backfires and the parent gets upset which in turn upsets the child... which isn't good. I say go for it as long as you feel you have enough patience to start it now. My daughter is almost 13mo old and I feel she's ready to start the process (though I'm not sure if I'm ready lol). She doesn't ever poop in her diaper (she poops when I remove the diaper, have yet to sit her on the potty for it) and she stays dry all night. I was potty trained by 2 my mom says (my baby bro was born when i was 2yrs 2mo and i was completely trained by then) so it does happen if the child is ready for it at an early age.

Melissa - posted on 06/10/2009




Jennifer- I own a childcare center and I will tell you what I tell parents at my center. When your child wants to sit on the potty let her... it wont hurt her to sit on it... eventually she will actually pee on it... then she will learn what it feels like to have to pee... when her diaper stays dry for a long period of time that is when she is ready for full on potty training.... as long as the child shows interest you should show them what it is all about and let her decide if she wants to be potty trained or not. My son is now three but he was potty trained at 18 months by his choice. I was amazed, but it was because he wanted to sit on the potty and I let him. Good luck, and remember that doctors don't know everything

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i would say do whats best for your little girl, if shes happy sitting on the potty let her. she sounds like shes ready to try it out. i think its good to start early and getting them used to the potty as it can be a little scary for little ones at first.

Hanna - posted on 06/10/2009




I would definitely let her pursue that interest -- if she is interested then you definitely should encourage it! but only use positive reinforcement and let her go at her own pace (i.e. don't give her a negative feedback if she doesn't use it at times) -- rewarding when she does and maybe asking her if she didn't want to use the potty when she doesn't, but again casually and not making a big deal out of it. most kids want to feel grown-up and be like mommy/daddy so by you gently encouraging her she will get the hang of it (might take a while, but hey, in the process it's less diapers for you to change :)

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I would go ahead and let her sit on it, if she wants. I personally think 15 months is really early for potty training, but all kids are different. I think she'll want to do it more on her time, but not train to well at this point to remember to do her business on the potty all the time. Just my opinion, but if you think she is ready then encourage it, but it might be a long process until she is totally potty trained. My daughter wasn't potty trained until she was 33 months old, and when she was around 20 months she showed interest for the potty, sitting on it, and only one time actually using it. But I knew she wasn't ready to do it all the time and I was right, b/c she wanted to do it when she wanted to. So the week before she turned 33 months she just all the sudden started going, no pull ups, straight to underwear. So, I don't know all kids are different, just go with your motherly instincts, you know her better than anyone. Good luck.

Christa - posted on 06/10/2009




My daughter is 16 months and she talks about it too, but I have heard from parents and my doctor that it is too young. Most children really aren't developmentally ready for it at that age. In fact if they do it too young as they get older they actually regress and end up back in diapers. The ideal age to start is around 2. That's what we are going to do. Good Luck!!

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