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Jamie - posted on 04/17/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




So I always see moms on here complaining about thier weight and outsiders judging them. Well dang it im tired of being judged too. Im sorry I am 5'1 and weigh 107lbs. And I am tired of people asking me if Im eating, If im sick or if Im depressed. I am totally healthy. Yes I eat, I eat between 3,000 and 5,000 calories a day. Why cant people understang I just have a good metabolism, Everytime I walk in my moms house the first thing I hear is "oh your so skinny, let me get you someting to eat" I feel like I eat just to please her even if Im not hungry. My brother is 6'1 and 140lbs, my dad is 5'6 and 140lbs. I have friends emailing me when I put up new pics telling me I need to gain weight. I am sorry if my skinniness offends you or you have a problem with it, its not my fault I have good genes.


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Ashleigh - posted on 04/19/2009




I wish I had good genes :) I know it's not fair, people always judge, your too skinny, your too fat. It's sad really because no one even knows what a persons situation is! Im more inbetween, not too skinny but not too big lol. I could probably be alot skinnier, but hey I like food! (Plus im pregnant again lol)

Anna - posted on 04/19/2009




Lucky!! :P About the metabolism i mean. Sure, i'm not that way. I look at a peice of candy or pizza and i gain.. hehe, can't do so much about that. But i know where your coming from. My mother is a twigg! On a bus ride home once a friend yelled out "look at that sick woman over there", and yes it was mom. I had to defend her, but being in the 6th grade I got a little embarased.. My mom used to be more like me though, but after having me and my 3 old siblings her metabolism shot threw the roof! And that woman can really pack it away. hehe, but who gives a hoot! You can usually tell when ppl have an eat dissorder! Not only are they thin, but they always look run down and their skin color is off... Just like I try to block the "your getting fat", good for you to do the same. :)

Tami - posted on 04/19/2009




Most people who say that you are too skinny are probably jealous! (damn you!! lol)

Brenda - posted on 04/19/2009




It runs both ways, you know, but people tend to forget that. People get flack for being overweight and for being perceived as underweight. As if in most cases either side can control it... Some people are naturally thin and others are not. The problem comes in when thinner people target heavy people and assume "well you're heavy so you obviously eat badly and eat like 3000 calories a meal and you're lazy". But the same is also true when someone assumes a thin person DOESN'T eat or overexercises or something like that. Some people get good metabolism, some people don't. My sister's thin, I'm not. We were raised the same, but I was heavy from the time I was about 12, and she was always thin. It is always unfortunate, either way, because people assume based on your appearance one thing or another without knowing anything about you.

Misty - posted on 04/18/2009




I have had good metabolism my whole life... Even while I was pregnant, The Dr told me I had to gain 1 1/2 pounds to 2 pounds a week. I was 5 months and loosing weight... I ended up gaining weight, I gained 30 pounds and had a healthy baby girl ... 19 months later and I am 10 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight... My thought ( If you don't like it SHUT UP!! ) even the Dr.'s are crazy... How can I gain weight when anything I eat comes right back up ??? Any ways (You Are Who you Are and only you know who you are)

[deleted account]

I had the same problem when i was at Intermediate school, people teased me cause I was tall and skinny. I got teased alot for it, I was also teased whenever i ate that i ended up giving in and not eating lunch etc (i had rocks etc throwen at me!), i ended up with anorexia for two years of my life.

My parents got soo concerned that they had the school principle talk to my class, that did little to help- stopped the teasing for a week.

I'm still tall and skinny but haven't lost my baby weight yet as I'm comfortable with my size although i cant fit any of my pre pregnany pants! lol i weighed 55kgs b4 pregnancy, I now weigh around 60kg's

Lori - posted on 04/18/2009




I remember in middle school I had a teacher ask me in front my entire class if I had an eating disorder and told me I should see a doctor just because I was so skinny. And this was at a time when people would actually comment about what large amounts of food I could eat for such a skinny person. Oh, I just wanted to slap her! Who says that to someone, especially a child, in front of so many people. I, too, have a very fast metabolism. Even after I gave birth I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight within two weeks and all I did was sit on the couch and watch tv the entire time. When people are overweight it's bad genes, but when they are skinny we have a problem (sigh). Some people just need to learn how to censor what they say.

Lorraine - posted on 04/17/2009




All I'm going to say is I envy you who can eat like that. Unfortunately I can't but thats just my genes!! Ok, and maybe a little bit too much food :) I just think you are so blessed to not have to worry about your weight.

Amie - posted on 04/17/2009




I gotta agree with this. Though right now I'm on the other end. I look at all my pre-pregnancy clothes and it gets me down. But that's ok, I just had my baby 3 weeks ago Sunday. lol!!
My daughter on the other hand is having issues with this from kids at school. She's a freaking beanpole. She has a roll of pudge that's about the width of my finger that you can only see when she slouches but what person doesn't have that? Other girls have started to tell her she's fat though and it's really getting to her. To the point where I am checking her lunches every day to make sure she's eaten. It really pisses me off, her school knows of this and is keeping an eye out but there is only so much they see. My hubby and I keep reassuring she's not fat and have gotten her in to see a counselor but it's slow going. Though I have noticed, not to be offensive, but that it's the overweight girls that are telling her this so I'm sure it's a jealousy issue on their part. Even at their young ages.

Amber - posted on 04/17/2009




AMEN!!! thank you, finally someone i can relate to! i am 5' 7'' and before i got pregnant i weighed 120 lbs. i could not gain weight no matter how much i ate...and believe me, i can put away some food! im just one of those people that have a naturally fast dad is like 6' 2'' and only 148lbs and he cant seem to break past that weight mark either. i am 8 months pregnant and weigh 135lbs right now, but i havent gained weight anywhere except in my belly. i look like i swallowed a basketball. and im pretty sure that after this baby comes out, im gonna go back down to what i weighed before.

but i have had the same kind of experiences my whole life. i get so sick of people making remarks about my weight. i used to work at a bar and this guy came up to me one night and asked me when i was going to go eat. i looked at him a little confused, told him i had already ate (a freakin steak no less!) and he then looks me up and down tells me "no, really. you need to go eat something." who the f**k do these people think they are?? i dont walk up to some random stranger and say "hi, youre fat, when are you going to go on a diet?" people think its wrong to comment if someone is overweight, but yet its perfectly acceptable to comment when someone is thin. no! get it through your head people, its just plain rude to comment on a persons weight no matter what. im a thin person. deal with it. i eat plenty, and i am sick of being told that i look like a broomstick, or that if i turn sideways no one is going to be able to see me.

my weight is my business, and im sorry if you are upset that i am skinnier than you. but seriously, if you cant say something nice, then i suggest you shut the hell up.

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Well I usually don't agree with you :P but this time I do because I've had that all my life. Not so much now I've had my 4th baby, I won't get back to pre pregnancy weight for a good while, but usually I'm about 115lbs and I'm 5ft 9in.

I especially used to get a lot of garbage from my overweight family.

I eat whatever I want, all day long.

Its genes, you can't help that! But I'm thankful for mine.

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