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Okay so I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old and my husbands parents bought a condo in Florida and they want us to come down for the weekend. I'm a mom who's strict on schedule and the girls sleeping in their own bed in their own room... So if we go all 4 of us would be in one room.. We tried this once when my 3 year old was one and she was up every hour cause of my husband snoring.. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do to make this work out? I really wanna go but I don't wanna be miserable the whole time cause the girls aren't used to all sleeping in the same room. Suggestions?


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Sarah - posted on 07/16/2014




Try getting a sound machine that helps drown out the snoring noise and any other noises they may not be use to. Put the sound machine in their rooms prior to going to Florida so they get use to hearing that noise as they sleep. The first night is always hard no matter how well kids do in a different sleeping arrangement. I would make the bedtime a bit later that first night and then just know that it might be a bit of a rougher night. The second night is always better. I, as an adult, am the same way. The first night it is hard to sleep in a different bed and a different room. The second night I am out almost right away. I am much like you that likes a strict bedtime and kids sleep in their own rooms, but with family living a days travel away we do often travel to visit family. Allow for some flexibility in your schedule while you are away. Meal times may not be at the same time, kids may not eat as well, bedtimes may be a bit later, etc. Have lots of healthy snacks available, so even if kids are not eating well at meal times they are snacking healthy. Don't worry if they snack more then eat a meal while you are gone. When you get home it may take a day or two of adjusting back to normal schedule, but they will adjust back. :)

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