Traveling abroad with a baby

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I'm going to Europe this summer with my son, who will be 10 months old by then. Any one have any tips for traveling with a baby? Especially the plane...we're flying business class from New York to London which will be the longest flight for us. I'm worried about the air pressure and the small enclosed spaces the most!


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I was worried about the pressure on the ears as well, but my daughter didn't even seem to notice. Use a soother or their sippy cup for a drink if it does bother them. Hopefully he will have his car seat on the plane, I found it was much better then lap. Lots of snacks, toys and a favorite blanket and you should be fine! Good Luck!!!

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i went on a plane when my son was 19 months but it was only for 3 hours.. take a few activities so thaey don't get bored and plenty of snacks... either get them to suck something or drink when taking off and landing... and some babies like mine screamed most of the way so on the way back i gave him panadol and nurophen and well he was way calmer and also slept the whole way.. i'm jealous your going to london lol... have the est of time and i hope i have helpedxx

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my daughter was only 4 months when we took a 9 hour flight across Canada, just let them eat while taking off and they probably wont have a big reaction, my little girl just played and i would suggest asking the flight attendant if there are any extra seat to let you have one next to you so the baby can sleep next to you instead of in your arms i found she sweated sleeping in my arms and slept much longer next to me in the chair. hope i helped and have a great flight!!

Gemma - posted on 05/08/2009




When we went from England to Spain last september my son was 6 months old and he sucked on his dummy for take off and landing and didn't cry at all. Good Luck and have a great time. x

Clover - posted on 05/08/2009




gripe water for sure. just incase of the pressure also if you have the gerber mesh baggies for teething you can put some frozen fruit or veggies in it and he can suck on it while you are taking off and landing. hope this helps. enjoy your trip.

Abby - posted on 05/08/2009




i think if u can get them to drink whilst ur taking off and landing should help, obviously he cant suck on sweets to stop the pressure inhis ears. this may help. enjoy london, i love it x

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