Traveling with a two month old

Jennifer - posted on 07/15/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,

I am a FTM with a 10 week old son who hates to travel in the car. Unfortunately, we have to head out of town on Friday to a wedding that I am in which is a 3+ hour drive. Any suggestions for getting him to sleep in the car or at least not scream the whole way?

Also, I am breastfeeding but will have to be away from him for several big chunks of time to help set up and be in the wedding. My mom is going to stay with us in the B&B to watch him during these times, but I am wondering what I should do about feeding him. Should I pump now and take with or just take my pump and pump there? Unfortunately, there are no fridges in the room, so if I pump ahead of time, I will have to just take a cooler and ice packs to keep the milk in.

Any suggestions on either topic are much appreciated!




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Amanda - posted on 07/15/2009




we took my son on an 8 hour trip when he was 8 weeks.... i would say leave for the trip after his earliest morning feeding (put him in the car while asleep, he may stay asleep). and then i would bring your pump (isn't breast milk good to sit out for up to 6 hours? if so you should be good to pump right before you have to leave him and then maybe sneak to a bathroom and pump later in the day)

Sara - posted on 07/15/2009




I took my two month old daughter on a trip to Oklahoma a few years ago and this is what I did:

Alexis (my daughter) went every where with me (except one day which I explain below), I had a portable swing and her front carrier and did a bunch of the stuff for the family reunion with her on my front. I was really careful to try and make sure I feed her a bunch before leaveing her for two hours at the most. If it was more then that she came with me. When i was breast feeding i was producing an extra four oz. bottle everymorning that I was saving, so I put that with ice from the hotel machine to keep an extra bottle for her if someone else had to feed her. Bring a bunch of little plastic baggies to put in your pump cooler for ice so the milk does not leak from the storage bottles!

I liked the medela disposable breast pads, they absorb a lot and are conforturable so you will not leak through your shirt. I hated that so much, nothing like looking down and having two wet spots on the front of your shirt!!!

That was an exhausting trip for me! I would just suggest that you try to be realistic with the limitations you will have with the baby and really try to bring her with you everywhere, even if your mom is taking care of her while you are working. The four hours I spent away from my daughter were really hard because I did not pump when I should have and my boobs were like rocks and hurt soooo bad! At two months time away from your baby without pumping can seriously reduce the amount of milk you produce, so be diligent about pumping on his eating schedule, or pain could ensue! Although if you forget, not to worry too much, just pump until it is all gone and stay on schedule after!

Oh and try not to over do it for yourself! Remeber you are still healing and possibly bleeding from haveing your son, so if you are used to naps during the day, like I was, at least sit down and drink some water and relax. Don't forget to drink water either, i remeber I forgot one day and it was really hot and I had hardley no milk and Alexis was totally upset with me for about an hour until the bottle of water I gulped down made its way to milk.

Have lots of fun and good for you for not letting having a baby tie you down too much. I used to get the dirtiest looks from old ladies when I would have our daughter out. If you have the right facial expression they will keep their nasty comments to themselves! Oh and one last thing, you should talk to the doctor about giving your son some benedril to make him sleep, they could help you decide a dose amount, although a pacifier worked for us!

With warmest wishes,


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