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Jitka - posted on 11/13/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi, I wanted to find out from moms who delivered naturally... I have had 2 c-sections, not by choice but by necessity. Whenever i spoke to my Dr about natural delivery he was very quick to point out how not only does vaginal birth tear you in a horrific way, you often end up with post delivery long term problems such as struggling to hold urine in (like if you sneeze etc,). So here is an honest question, is it true? Do moms feel "different" post natural delivery? btw i am now pregnant with baby no.3 and looking into giving natural. Thx a mil!


Denikka - posted on 11/13/2012




I've had 2 vaginal births. Yes, it's not uncommon to tear a bit, but it's NOTHING similar to what your doctor is describing. Some women do end up with bladder problems and other issues. That is true. But it's only SOME, not ALL (not even close to all)

Like I said, I've had 2 vaginal births, both with minimal pain medications (only morphine and laughing gas with my first, only laughing gas with my second-no epidurals). I've never had a problem. Recovery time was next to nothing. I actually went food shopping with my son 4 days after he was born. I was up and walking around comfortably by the evening after my first (he was born early after noon) and by morning after I gave birth after the second (born just before midnight)

Peeing hurts for a few days afterwards, especially if you tear a bit (I did. I didn't know at the time when it happened, but was told after. It was minor and I didn't need stitches or anything)

I would definitely recommend doing your best to go for a vaginal birth if you can. Recovery time is way less than with a c-section (I was pretty much completely back to normal in less than 2 weeks-that includes all pain, discomfort, etc-and completely back to normal before 4 weeks post birth) . It's less traumatic for your body (natural process vs abdominal surgery).

Here's a link to an older thread on here, lots of advice for c-section vs vaginal birth


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Rebecca - posted on 11/14/2012




I had a c-section for my first and vaginal for my second. I much prefer the vaginal delivery, I was up and walking around later that day had more strength and energy. I tore enough to need stitches (but that didn't hurt any more then having a bad hemroid) some women have problems with their bladder I did but it wasnt any worse then when you sneeze when pregnent I did the keegal exercises and the problem went away in about 3 weeks so those two problems are nowhere near as bad as your doc. is suggesting whereas with the c-section I couldn't even stand straight for two weeks also any surgery carries risks of its own. good luck

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I had a regular delivery. no problems with mine at all i did rip a little bit but its was all worth it. the only thing that bothered me was when i wouldn't dilate at all

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Hi, i gave birth to my princess naturally and my Vagina its fine, no problems here. Delivery was realy good. It didnt tear anything on me. But the again everyone its different. Good luck with #3.

Things i did a mounth before giving birth: (not just eat like crz)

1.every night after work, jump in the tub with hot water all the way to my breast. (hot that you can take not like burning hot)

2. Before going to bed used to put warm towels on my belly as low as you can, like right before you " private part"

3. Sleep!!

Ok. i gave birth in just a few hours. got to the hospitals by 7 and my princess was OUT by 10. it was so fast i didnt have not even a IV on, luck or my body was ready... dont know.


Amanda - posted on 11/13/2012




I've had 3 vaginal deliveries, each one was different. All of my babies were large, I think it was the first (being 10+lbs) that caused my current bladder problems. I do have the problems you spoke of, peeing when I sneeze, cough, laugh, but mine is more severe than what is normally experienced. I tore badly with my first, a tiny bit with my second, and not at all with my 3rd. Peeing was very painful with the first, the second was not nearly as bad as I barely ripped, and with my 3rd it was more of a stinging pain, but only for a couple days afterward. Although I will say this is easily solved by simply squatting instead of sitting, that way the urine doesn't touch any stretched or torn areas (probably TMI, sorry.) Also you can stretch the perineum using oil starting in the third trimester. This is supposed to help keep you from tearing. I don't think recovery was bad at all, especially with the last two.

Rose - posted on 11/13/2012




to me v.birth is the best cuz u regain your self back and after effects i guess cuz am not having any ,no pains again.

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