trying to get pregnant and need advice.

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I know in young im 22 years old I have 2 step children 8 and 5. But im ready to have one of my own. I also get nervous because all women in my family stopped being able to have kids by 32. When I was 15 I got on the depo shot until I was almost 18 which was November of 08' when I got off it. Since then I haven't been on birth control but did end up getting depo shot 1 more time just once in December of 10' my fiance and I have been together since September of 10' and have never used birth control or Condoms and I've never been pregnant. I think it's because the depo shot, I took one of the home fertility test and it came up normal saying I was ok and good to have kids. And he has 2 kids. So I don't know we kinda figured I would've been pregnant by now but just hasnt happened. So I'm starting to get scared cuz it's the one thing I want most in lifeevern since I was 3 . Plus with my family history I Just keep feeling I running out of time . can any one help or have any input. After a few more months if nothing I'm going to doctor about it but maybe figured someone has had a problem like mine and advice? Please and thank you!


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Vaninarosas - posted on 10/10/2013




You might want to start by finding out if you are ovulating or not. I suggest looking into Fertilty Friend ( You can go through some of the tutorials and learn about your fertility and how to temp. Temping is the only way in which you can know with certainty if you are ovulating. That coupled with OPKs can tell you when your fertile window is. They suggest temping for 6 months before even trying to conceive so that you can gain an understanding of how your cycles work, however, you don't have to wait. Just start now. I agree that because you have not gotten pregnant in 3 years, you might want to go see a fertility doctor if you are temping and either don't see yourself ovulating for a couple of cycles or don't get pregnant within 6 months.

You are very young and your fertility is not linked to anyone else's so if in your family there is either high fertility or some infertility, it doesn't have to mean anything for your fertility. Good luck!

Michelle - posted on 10/09/2013




You need to find out when you ovulate. There are ovulation kits you can buy and that will show you the best time to conceive.

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