TTC for 10 months and no luck, losing hope?

Soosb - posted on 11/08/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Anyone with no known fertility problems TTC for 10 months and had luck without medical intervention>?

I have enever been on BC and am pretty sure I am ovulating (regular 26 day periods and I ovulate around cd11/12.) Dont take any meds and we are both healthy (I am 26 and he is 33).

Who has successfully gotten a BFP after 10 months of good timing?


Cassandra - posted on 11/11/2012




I don't have much advice other then take a breath! Relax and just LOVE each other! If charting isnt working.. throw it out! I know how stressful and painful it is.. My hubs and I tried for 6 YEARS! during those years we did get pregnant.. The baby was ectopic and my tube ruptured.. leaving me with an emergency surgery where they took my baby and one less tube to help the baby making process.. After years of being told it was never going to happen SURPRISE baby girl is now a year old! and Baby girl number two will be here in three months! We had finally after months of tears just given up.. My husband came to me and said we are going to start a savings jar.. at "that time" of the month.. if we are not pregnant we will take the money saved and go away for the weekend.. we will learn to enjoy each other again instead of focusing on that every month! well to be 100% honest.. That first month of our savings jar plan.. the Bed and Breakfast jar turned into the Nursery jar! we were pregnant! stay strong and just relax!

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