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Shawna - posted on 03/15/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is 3 months old and hates to be on his tummy. I heard that it is good to put him on his tummy to help him learn to crawl, but when I put him down he screams. Should i put him on his belly and just let him scream or should I wait for tummy time?


Krystal - posted on 03/25/2013




Hi! My daughter did the same thing at that age. She is now 3 1/2. I talked to my pediatrician about it, and she stressed the importance of tummy time, because it also helps with the development of their spine, and motor skills. So, with that in mind, we did small intervals. When the crying sounded more distressed, we took a break. Soon after she became used to it, and it was no longer an issue because she learned to roll around which she very much enjoyed. :) best of luck, hope it helps! P.S. It's ok to let them cry some. Just don't let them get too worked up. As the mom, you will know the difference in crying.


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Diann - posted on 03/26/2013




My son also won't do tummy time and I don't force it. He holds his head up and is learning to sit up and is very sturdy so I don't worry about it.

Ashley - posted on 03/24/2013




We have had a lot of trouble with it with our son too. He prefers to sit or stand. My doctor said he is holding his head up and sitting assisted fine so no need to worry. They said it's good to encourage and do it, but its not a problem if they really don't want to yet. When they start rolling over completely on their own they well figure out out.

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My daughter hated tummy time so I didn't force her to do it. She mostly just hated laying down. I held her a LOT those first few months.

She ended up sitting, crawling, and walking before most of the babies that I do know were forced to do a lot of tummy time... so I really don't think it's that big of a deal. It's mostly just to get the back of their head off the floor so they don't get all flat... but if you don't just lay your baby down all day, he should be fine.

Jerushah - posted on 03/15/2013




I never dealt with that myself, but have had friends who did. They used toys and blankets to try to distract the child. Most of the time it worked, but sometimes it didn't. All children are different and there is the possibility that he may not be ready for it yet. I would try to distract him and play before giving up on though.

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