Two year old starting to stutter. Should i worry or is this just a phase??

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My two year old daughter was talking fine until about two weeks ago when i noticed she started to stutter some of her words. It started out as a word here and a word there she would have a hard time trying to get it out. It than progressed into something a little more almost every time she talks mostly when she gets to the end of her sentences she just can't seem to get it out. My husband and I tell her to calm down and take her time but she just can't seem to get it right. Is this a phase that some toddlers go through when transitioning with there speech or should i contact her physician??? She was talking fine and than all of sudden i dont know she just started this could she be doing this on purpose???? PLEASE HELP im very CONFUSED!!!!


Rita - posted on 09/14/2009




talk to your dr or nurse. My son sometimes stutters but only when he is really really excited.

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