Unfriendly and flakey people??? Why?

Charity_knox - posted on 04/24/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have recently been frustrated by the flood of flaky people I have encountered. I realize when you make plans things can always change and stuff happens but after so many times of someone calling last minute saying they had to go to the store or do something that they can't continue with plans for the day it gets old and I think this person must really not want to hang out with me or m children. I have also encountered people who are very unfriendly despite me going out of my way to extend a neighborly/friendly gesture or kindness just to have them ignore me the next time I see them. I try to be a courteous person and not let one particular incident discourage that but the same behavior in the same person over and over I start taking it personaly because I want to know why? What is the issue? I am fed up with it. After a time I resort to making no extra effort toward the person. Obviously I am not worth there time so why should they be worth mine?


User - posted on 04/28/2013




Yea there are alot of people like this. Dont let it get to you. I take it as, if they dont want to be around me, its their loss. We cant wait around for people who obviously dont care. We gotta live life to the fullest and if theres people who dont wanna be there, then so be it. Im gonna live life the best I can and i dont need that negativity. If they are willing to apologize Im willing to forgive but if it just starts happening again, theres no need to keep ties, the energy is best put for someone who does care and whos going to be there for you.


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