Unusual back ache?

Ashley - posted on 02/07/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My deep stomach muscles seem to have mostly collasped and stop being of much use since giving birth, and now im a twitching, wriggling mess as my lower back feels like its being crushed by my upper back, bit weird. And the more Yoga etc i do the worse it gets :-( Does anyone else have a similar thing or have any tips?!?!?!

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Deepak - posted on 10/30/2013





To day is 10/30/2013. Four years has been passed. I hope your back ache has gone.
It is common to have back pain after baby. You need to concentrate on gradually
strengthening core muscles.I am physical therapist I often see such conditions in clinic
Even strengthening core muscles you have back pain . Please see physical therapist
for back pain. Without evaluating you it is difficult to find out real cause of your back pain.

Melissa - posted on 02/07/2009




I used to go to physical therapy after having my son. I had horrible back pain and they gave me some exercises to do at home. The main thing is to strengthen your core muscles to help support your back. The stretching that you are doing in Yoga might make it feel worse, until your abdominal muscles are back to what they were before your pregnancy. 

Frances - posted on 02/07/2009




I reckon you should go to an osteopath, and stop doing yoga especially if its is making it worse. You could do real damage.

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