Use of Cervidil to induce labor

Christine - posted on 12/10/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I've been feeling miserable and "done" and ready for this baby of mine to make her entrance. At my appointment this morning my doctor said that we can try Cervidil to induce labor on Monday if I'm still not making any progress. I didn't think to ask too many questions at the time and figured she'd give it to me and then send me home. But I called the nurse to follow up and found out that I'll go to the hospital that evening for monitoring, in the hopes that it will cause the baby to drop and induce labor. Now that it looks like a possibility she really will be here soon, I'm feeling a little nervous about it! Have any of you had experience in the use of Cervidil to induce labor?


La - posted on 12/11/2009




When I was 41 weeks they wanted to induce labor. I was already having contractions on my own so they didn't need to give me pitocin. My cervix was completely unchanged however so they gave me cytotec as a cervical softener. Worst mistake ever for me! It caused rapid induction. I got the pill at 2pm- it kicked in at 3pm and by 5pm I was at 4cm and 80% effacement. The pain of such rapid cervical change was horrible. By 8pm I was up to 8cm and 90% with coupling contractions (contractions right after another with no full uterine relaxation) and had to be rushed into OR because both me and my baby's heart rates dropped (mine was 70/40 and her's was 50). I'm in nursing school and when I went back and checked my med books afterward I read that cytotec is not specifically approved for use as an induction medication and that what happened to me is a common reaction to it. A lot of hospitals prefer to give cytotec over cervidil to induce labor because it is way cheaper and works faster, so do some research on both medications and know what you are willing to consent to BEFORE you get there! If it had been explained to me what cytotec could have caused I would have NEVER consented to it!

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I was a week past my due date and my doctor used cervidil to induce labor. I went into the hospital and they prepped me and everything then it was placed (in my vagina) at 6. You dont feel anything, The nurse told me that it will start dialating me but that most women do not fully dialte with that alone. I started feeling mild contractions almost instantly once it was placed. My nurse told me that they would recheck me at 12 and probably give me some more to keep my labor going because when I went into the hospital I wasnt dialted at all. She told me that more than likely I would not be having my baby until the next night. Well at 12 I was contracting too much for them to give me any more cervidil. By 430 I had an epidural, started pushing at 7 and had my baby girl at 935 AM. They never even had to give me pitocin. GoodLuck!!!!!! Stay strong!

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I would recommend not using any interference that is not medically necessary. Just having had enough is not a reason to do this since every intervention has possible side effects. Also everyone feels that way by the end. You don't sy how far along you are, but unlessthere are other circumstances I would just rest and try to live with it.

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I got cervidil to induce labor at about 4pm, and they take it out in I believe 12 hours.. and it didnt do much for me, I went from being 2cm at the start to like 3cm, but it did efface me more... than they did the pitocin to keep contractions going... the whole induction took over 24 hours... this being my third child. (took over 24 hours with the first two too.. been induced starting with cervidil three times)

just be prepared for cramps.. its yucky feeling.. but it all helps towards the goal...

good luck!

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My first pregnancy was started by using cervidil to induce labor, I was induced 2 weeks early because of pregnancy induced hypertension, it was inserted at around 9 am and i was told to lay in bed for an hour then i could get up and walk and do whatever, my son was born acutally later that day at 5:30pm it was in from 0 cm dilated to 7cm and worked really well although i was told for some women it can take about 24 hrs. Just remeber to stay calm and relax you baby is on its way!

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My first pregnancy I was induced with Cervidil. I had it in for 2 hours and was already pushing. my second pregnancy I was also induced with cervidil Dr put it in and I was pushing the button to have them come back within 12 mins. And right then and there I was ready to push. Everyones body is different but it worked really fast for me both times.

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