UTI and pregnant! Help!

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I am 5 weeks pregnant with my second baby, and I have a urinary tract infection! I have had these before, but thankfully this is the first time I've ever had one while pregnant! (and I hope the last) It is the weekend and we live in a small town where all the pharmacies close at like 4pm , so I have no way to get medicine even if my doctor could give me something, which I dont know if he can with me being pregnant! Due to a bladder condition that I already have, I am not supposed to drink cranberry juice either. I bought the over the counter "Cystex" for UTI's that walmart carrier, but after talking to a family friend, who is a pharmacist, she said it is one of the worst meds to take when pregnant. I am miserable! Has anyone else dealt with this? If so, what did you do? Does anyone know of any pregnancy safe meds, or methods that can be used?


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Definately talk to your Dr. ASAP because a UTI could cause problems in your pregancy and birth. I had 2 UTIs when I was pregnant. They put me on an anitbiotic that wouldn't harm my baby.

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I think you should go to your doctor I'm on medicine now for my uti its to early for me to take a pg test but if I am I know my baby is fine

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I was diagnosed with a UTI when I was 6 weeks pregnant and my doctor was able to prescibe me a safe anti-biotic that I took for 10 days. It is safe for the baby and the mother. If you cannot take cranberry pills, the safest thing and only real alternative is to wait for the pharmacy to open and get your prescription. I sometimes found a hot/warm bath before bed helped ease the irritation so I slept better. I would definitely not recommend taking anything without talking to your doctor first. Good luck!!

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Honestly, I'd find a way to get onto antibiotics - either by calling your doctor to get a prescription filled or heading to the ER. UTI's during the first trimester can be bad for the baby is some rare cases, so you should get it cleared up as soon as you can. I had a UTI when I was pregnant, and went on a course of antibiotics. If you are prone to them , make sure your OB is testing you regularly because pregnancy can make it worse.

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if all else fails and you can't take the pain then go to the ER. tell them you are pregnant and you have a UTI. They will sometimes have stuff on hand that can get you til you can pick up some antibiotics.

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There is something that the doc can give you for this. But until tomorrow, drink a ton of water. Even if it means getting up all night to pee. And make sure you are completely emptying your bladder each time. UTI's can cause alot of issues during pregnancy so even if the water makes you feel better by tomorrow, you still need to go to the doctor.

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i had the same thing when i was pregnant with my second daughter the doctor gave me antibiotics n i was 26 weeks pregnant i asked them if it was harm full they said no its better to clear the infection up before the babys born hope it helps

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The doctor can give you medication for a UTI, so see them. In the meantime drinks tons of water. It helps to flush the bacteria out, which will help to lessen the pain and irritation that they cause. Good luck.

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