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I am in need of other mothers feedback on the vaccinations! My son is almost 10 months old... he has had all of his shots I just chose to space them farther apart due to the fact that they recieve so many!!

My question to moms is - Are you giving your child the MMR? This is the shot that is linked to Autism (or so people are saying). My son would recieve the 1st one at 1 year old so I have only 2 months to decide whether he should have this or not.



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Rachel - posted on 04/22/2009




All 3 of my kids have had all their shots and at the allocated time and none of them have ever had any problems apart from the common cold. Jenifer's satement about the link between the MMR and autism is true they still have not found a connection between the 2. Also on that note my nephew is autistic and has never had a vaccination in his life as no doctor would immunise him because he was always sick with colds and things when he was due to get the immunisations. I feel the only reason that people say there is a link between the 2 is because autism starts to present itself around the same time they recieve the MMR vaccination, and due to this fact i do not believe that the MMR has anything to do with it, it's too much of a co-incidence for me. But this is just my opinion.

Brooke - posted on 04/22/2009




Both of my kids have been immunized against everything and neither of them have had any problems. I would rather immunize than risk them getting a life threatning illness....that's just my personal view on it.

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my son had it, many schools require it and why chance your child getting sick if you dont have to

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Angela -

My son in 7 months, but I will be giving him the MMR eventually. I know there are a lot of concerns out there about the shot, but there is no link between the MMR and autism. The researcher who originally started the MMR scare in the 1980's (named Wakefield) was recently shown to have fabricated his data. And no one else has shown a connection. In Japan in the 1990's they even started delaying and splitting the MMR vaccine, and yet autism rates continued to rise. There's lots of info out there - and you have two months to look into it, so lots of time to make an informed decision. Good luck!

Amber - posted on 04/22/2009




I too have the same feelings as you do. My son is only 3 months old though so I do have some more time. I had my son have one shot already, but have decided since he is not in daycare, but is with my mom during the day that I would wait until he is a little older before doing any more. I at this point don't think I will be getting the MMR shot for my son. My boyfriend has never had any immunizations and is very healthy and never been ill. I review records for children who receive therapies such as speech, physical, occupational ages 0-3yrs. and I see over and over in the records of children with autism that they developed normally and after they received that shot their development went backwards. I would like to hear everyone else on this as well.

Sophie - posted on 04/22/2009




my son who is now 6 had the mmr jab and my daughter is having it next son is fine he had no problems.

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