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My husband is having a really hard time excepting the option of getting a vasectomy done. Neither of us really want to have any more kids and are sick of using condoms and I really really don't want to be on birth control; It is not good for you, it causes so much hormonal imbalance, it makes you bloated, it decreases your sex drive, and it is sooo expensive and it is stressful having to worry about taking a pill everyday or even those nasty rings and I will NEVER put a foreign piece of plastic in my cervix! Birth control is also so scary to me because of the effectiveness... I don't think I could ever fully trust it to work. I am so happy; I have exactly what I have wanted since I was 7 years old; two girls close in age. Everything's perfect and I don't want to screw it up, but my husband feels like he will be taking away everything that makes him a man if he gets one done and is really touchy about the subject. How can I make him do this?!? I really need help and advice!


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Candace - posted on 03/03/2013




I myself have been fighting my husband to go for a vasectomy we have 2 girls 24 months apart and I miss carried 10 months after my first was born. We finally are over the baby stages and we both know we don't wanna go thru that again. We had the kids out for a sleepover at grandmas and had a great date night my husband wanted to have some fun spontaneous sex in the car so I just laid it out... Sex will never be spontaneous not with the worries of a chance we might conceive another baby. I'm just so happy with we're we are in our lives our perfect 3 bedroom house, i love my cute little car i dont wann drive a mini van and being able to afford to travel and put our kids into things I just don't think it would be fair to bring a baby into the family we are so happy and content with the way things are after so after this big conversation in a dark parking lot (where crazy spontaneous sex was sapost to be happening) he finally understood and agreed. His apointment is set April 5.

Michelle - posted on 03/03/2013




My husband had it done nearly 2 years ago and it's fantastic!!!! No need to worry about birth control or putting on a condom in the heat of the moment. The procedure took all of 20 mins and there was only very minimal bruising that lasted a couple of days. My husband wasn't in any pain either. There was no need for the bag of frozen peas or any pain relief at all.

If your husband is worried that he won't ejaculate anymore there's not need to worry. Yes he still ejaculates it just doesn't have any sperm in it. It hasn't affected his performance at all either.

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