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Just wondering how many women out there have had a vaginal birth after a c-section. I had one with my daughter as she was breech and i found the whole experiance very distressing, i was only told she was breech after 13 hours of labour after 3 seperate midwifes told me she was head down. Thoughts of having another baby are now starting to creep in but i really want a natural birth.


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Dawn - posted on 05/22/2009




Lately a lot of things have been changing when it comes to VBAC. At one time, it you had a c-section then you had to have a c-section on all births after. Then it was ok to have a natural birth after a c-section. And now most doctors have gone back to believing that once a c-section always a c-section. Mainly it just depends on your doctor and the length of time between the births. My son is now two and I had to have a c-section like you because he was breech and six weeks premature. My daughter was born 13 months later also requiring another c-section. To top ir off I am 7 weeks pregnant now and my doctor informed me that I do have to have another c-section. At first I was upset about the surgery, but in the end if you want another baby does the type of delivery really matter as long as the baby is healthy.

Kalie - posted on 05/22/2009




Hello I'm not a VBAC but I am in the same boat as you. I am preganat and due in 16 weeks and they say I have to have a c-sec. Since my son and this one will be just over a year apart. I feel like I missed out having a c-sec. I was so geared up for the birth!!! I hope you can have your baby natural. Maybe the third time is the charm for me. Isn't a c-sec a pain to deal with when you have a new baby though? lol

Claudia - posted on 05/22/2009




Hi. I had a VBAC. My first son was brow presentation and in distress so I had a c-section I was already 9cms. With my second son I had a natural birth everything went well I was just monitored during the labour/delivery to ensure that my uterus hadn't ruptured. I also know of other women who have had VBAC's without any complications.

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