Want to prevent biting while breastfeeding. Help?

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My son is 3 1/2 months old and has been teething since 3 months. At first I thought I was just being overworried but between the grumpiness and the mass drooling my husband and I confirmed two days ago that we could see the two little white bumps poking up from his gums. We estimate that they'll be fully in by the time he's 4 months old.

I don't have him on a set schedule for breastfeeding so he eats when he wants and quite often I'm okay just letting him use me as a pacifier but what do I do if he suddenly decides that biting is fun?

He already does this full on belly laugh every time I scream (my husband likes to scare me) and I'm just worried that if he bites me I'll do something he thinks is hilarious. I've heard that biting him back is acceptable but my MIL and husband nibble on the baby a lot (not just his toes) and I'm afraid that won't work. I'm just concerned at to how to teach a 4 month old that biting is bad.


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Yep, both my sons were doing this at around 4 months and it does take a while to get them to stop. What I did was every time they bit my nipple, I would make a sharp noise and take them away from the nipple (by inserting my little finger in their mouth and gently but firmly removing the nipple.) After a couple of months they started to realise that biting equalled no food or comfort and no biting equalled foot and comfort. :-)

Very best of luck!




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Put him down and firmly say no, wait a minute, pick him back up and try again. You'll have to repeat it a lot, but he will learn.

My son just got his fifth tooth in recently. Right now he isn't biting, but the new tooth rubs against my breast and cuts me as I feed him. So I've had to change positions on that one side, as he learns to shape his tongue differently to compensate.

Try not to make a scene if he bites. But also don't assume he will. My daughter got teeth at 3 1/2 months (8 by 4 1/2 months), she never bit purposefully (she did once when she sneezed while feeding).

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When my daughter bit I would yell something like no biting/no teeth remove her from the breast put her on the floor and walk away as fast as I could. That really worked for us. sometime she will need to be reminded not to bit now all I have to say is no teeth and she stops.

If he laughs when you scream it might help to lower your voice when you yell make it a tone he does not hear for you. hope this helps

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I would take my daughter off the breast and stop nursing. Usually she would bit when she had been eating for awhile. After awhile they get the hint. I would try to not react to the biting as sometimes a reaction encourages them to continue the biting.

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