wanting to get pregnant in early 20s ?

Casey - posted on 07/23/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




For the past several years or so now Ibe been obsessed with thinking about having babies and getting pregnant. I'm currently 21 my bf is 29. We've talked about it and I'm on birth control until we got married we wouldn't bother trying for a baby. However if we were to get married within the next few years it'd be a dream come true.
I get so worried though because I know my parents want me to "live my life" and not rush anything. They didn't try for me and my brother til my mom was 30. My biggest fear is if I were to get pregnant so young that they would be disappointed in me. You girls have any advice ?
I would never have a "surprise" pregnant just because I know we need to save money and stabilize ourselves a little more (reason for being on bc) which I consider mature of us to do. Just feel like my family would down at me for getting pregnant even after being married while in my early 20s. (Like they did with my one cousin who got married and had a baby at 19-20)


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D - posted on 08/08/2014




I would consider waiting because your so young. i had my daughter when i was 28, I was able to party, travel, and not regret getting pregnant. You still have PLENTY of time to have children. Do things now that you have always considered doing, you will be happy you waited a little bit.

Melanie - posted on 07/29/2014




if u think u n ur husband is ready for a baby its ur choice having a baby dnt change u in any way they will love ur child just as much as they love u i had my daughter at 17 she is knw 9... i had my son wen i was 23 me n my husband r planning baby number 3 very soon n my family say have a son n a daughter time to stop... buh i say its mine n my husbands choice knw they cnt wait for me to get pregnant they say grandchild number 18 lol dnt rush into it tho make sure u r ready to b a mum ur mum n dad wants wha best for u good luck with the decidion tha u make xx

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