Watching tv while eating in his car seat at 4 months

Lydia - posted on 11/21/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Should I be upset when I go to pick up my 4 month old son from his grandparents (father's side) and they have him sitting in his car seat being fed only a few feet from their humongously huge, blaringly loud tv? He's sitting probly 3 feet from the tv that takes up the entire wall in their living room. Not to mention it was sooooo loud, they couldn't even hear me knock! I stood outside for a good 5 minutes knocking! So the second I walked in I was bugged because I knew they couldn't hear me with the tv blaring (I could hear it outside). When I walked in Ijust made a comment "Oh my god, it's so loud in here" and I was trying to talk to my son's grandma and I had to sit so close to her just to hear her, so I asked my son's grandpa if he could turn it down a little I couldn't hear anything and he got annoyed and turned off the tv. I felt like saying "Go ahead and get mad. I really don't care. You're actually doing me and my son a favor!!" How do I bring this up to this family so they know not to do this anymore without either of us getting upset. I can not let my son stay there anymore if that's how they will take care of him. And what's with the "feeding him in his carseat" deal? I wasn't too fond of that either, but should that be a concern? He's safe in his car seat, right? I'm not sure if there's a reason why I should be upset about that other than it surprised me, and I was already mad about the tv. please help.


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Lydia - posted on 11/22/2009




Thanks for all the encouragement! I told my boyfriend how upsetting it was to me, and he agreed to talk to them for me. I'll keep everyone posted when I find out how it goes. Thanks for the feedback!

Jaime - posted on 11/21/2009




i have found that the best way to deal with grandparents is to have fact to back up your requests. You are making very good, and legitimate points!!! First thing, baby's little ear drums are brand new!!! Your father in law is probably hard of hearing, so point out that you don't want your son to be deaf before his first birthday!!! Urge them to use subtitles and keep the volume at an acceptable level! As for the car seat, I read somewhere that children shouldn't be left in the car seat when they aren't in the car, because their heads bob forward, and could block their breathing. (Ithink the report said something about oxygen deprevation due to positioning). The car seat is not a babysitter! get a bouncer for their house, or a jumperoo (your son should be old enough for those by now). But most of all remember that you are the parent, and even though they raised the man that you love... and you will probably hear it "he turned out just fine"... They used to let their infants ride in the car without the carseat!!! Times have changed, and you know what is best for your baby!!! you shouldn't have to worry about your child while he is with family. If you explain yourself firmly, they have no choice but to listen!!! Good Luck!

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I would definitely be upset too! That is tremendously rude for one thing, about the tv being so loud. I don't think it's good for him to be only a few feet away from it either, and I think it's neglect when they're leaving him in the car seat while eating and watching tv. As for what to do, I would see if there is a polite but still stern way of either talking to them telling them you didn't agree with that situation, or else, like you said, don't let him stay there anymore. Since it's your in-laws, though, I know from experience to try to not get on their bad side. But even at that, I'd rather do what's right for my child than to try to please anyone else. They always come first. Please let me know what happens. I hope all goes well with whatever you decide to do. :)

Jessica - posted on 11/21/2009




Hey! I think I would be upset if that happened to me. I wouldnt want my son at that early age sitting in front of a tv cause then as he gets older he will think of it as a normal routine and to be so loud too. My parents are getting old and I tell them to turn it down all the time cause I can't hear my self think. LOL! And also that my son is trying to sleep. They get upset with me some times, but I don't care. And I would be mad about him eating in the carseat cause then he might think that your suppose to eat in a carseat. I hope everything works out for u.

Sharalyn - posted on 11/21/2009




You are the mother and he is your child. You have all the right to feel this way especially if you believed your son to be taken cared of in a different manner. Explain your expectations, and your wishes. No loud TV, blaring 3 feet in front of your son and if they need, ask them to buy a high chair or offer to get one yourself so they don't have to feed him in his car seat. Just be as honest and candid as possible. You are the mother now! No need to feel like your stepping on anyone's toes when it comes down to YOUR SON. Do what you believe, feel, and think is best. Hope this helps.

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