waterbirth experiences?????

DANIELA - posted on 06/06/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




hi everyone i am 7 mths pregnant and i need to know of water birth experiences any good stories out there???


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Claire - posted on 06/08/2009




i had a water birth with my last almost 5 months ago and id reccomend it to anyone who will listen its so easy to get comfy well as comfy as you can i had a 3 hour labour and loved it thanks to my gas and air lol but its a great experience i wish i had it with my other 2 but ur midwife will do the heat to as you like it not how they think the water should be i had no stitches just a small tear as your more relaxed and you dont have pressure on back or however you would lie you feel sooo relaxed .you can go in any possition you like even ur partner can join you it amazing hope you choose to have one i dont think you would regret it goodluck xx

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I had a wonderful waterbirth with the birth of my son. I had an 11 hour labour. Contraction started at about 9:30pm and I went to the birth centre at about 2pm. I got in the bath at about 4am and my little guy was born at 8am. I didn't have my heart set on a waterbirth but I knew it was there as an option if I felt I wanted to try it.

As soon as I got in the bath I didn't want to get out, so I didn't :)

I had a drug free labour with a 2nd degree tear (a small 2nd degree tear).

My hubby was in the bath with me for the last stage of labour which was amazing for both of us.

Good luck and if you have any questions, ask away!!

Mary - posted on 06/06/2009




YES YES YES! I had a natural childbirth experience with both of my kids. Both with midwives. The first was in a hospital that didnt allow waterbirth, and for the second I saught out a hospital that would allow it. It was an hour drive, but I would never do it any other way. I have no idea how I did it with out drugs the first time without the water. We left out house around 12:30am after my contractions had been consistently 7 min apart or so (since we had an hour to drive). And by the time we reached the hospital I had to stop and breath through them, but they weren't close enough or long enough yet, so I did a few laps, headed back to my room (hadn't checked in yet) and hit the floor in the bathroom in my street clothes as they suddenly became so intense. The only position that gave some relief was when I was on my hands and knees. Somehow i managed to get my clothes off, and get into the tub just before my arms were about to give out from holding me up. Once in the tub, I was able to resume my hands/knees position with no effort at all because the water held me up. It was so easy to switch positions andmove around because of the boyancy of the water. I think that helped a ton to make me feel more in control and not as helpless. Also, the water tends to help prevent tearing, which i didn't at all. It was about an hour after I got in the tub that my son was delivered (in my hands/knees position). The midwife passed him straight through my legs and I was the first to pull him to the surface and look into his eyes. He was so wide eyed and peaceful. It all went so fast, and it was such a fulfilling childbirth experience. I think mostly because I felt more like I was more in control of my birth, and not just a victim laying on a table. Would highly highly recommend it!!!

Andrea - posted on 06/06/2009




I haven't had a water birth but the mom's that I know that have them all say they like it, that it helps to ease tha pain and seems to be a better bonding with mom, dad, and baby!

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