Ways to make my 8 month old less spoiled?

Becky - posted on 07/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




So my 8 month old is rather spoiled in the sense that he will not go to bed without being held, and rocked. As well as he gets immediately picked up when he starts crying. My s/o and I live with my mother, and between him and her they are making it near impossible for me to get him to not only go to sleep on his own, but to have any time where someone isn't paying constant attention to him. I've been working on the attention thing now that the s/o is back to work, but I'm wondering if anyone has any idea's on what I can do to help him go to sleep on his own? I'm honestly not sure how to help this one, seeing as I didn't have this issue with my daughter. Also I'm going to talk to the two of them about leaving him alone for this, because honestly this is getting ridiculous. But yes any idea's would be greatly appreciated thanks!


Louise - posted on 07/16/2012




You all have to follow the same routine and if he is being left to cry it out everybody needs to do this or it simply wont work. Buy a soft pram balnket and rub it round you to get your smell on it. When he is having his night time bottle give him the blanket to hold and put him to bed with it. It should soothe him as it smells of mummy and the crying should not be so intense.

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