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My son is turning 1 in less then a month, and I always wanted to stop nursing at 1. I had no problem nursing, and he currently nurses about 4-5 times, and eats solids three times a day.

However! It is not something I enjoyed, and really want to stop, but sometimes feel guilty...

My question is, how did you guys wean? (slowly or cold turkey) and how did you deal with the emotional aspect of it


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Heather - posted on 09/14/2009




cut it out gradually, if you cut it out all at once you will hurt from engorgement. You can cut out one feeding each day or one each week however slowly that you want to do it until you are ready to cut out the last feeding. With my son, the last feeding that I cut out was the one at bed time, it was a great comfort to have that one. When you are cutting out that feeding you can have someone else put him to bed if you are able that way he will not be trying to nurse. I would put a blanket between me and my baby while holding him close while weaning. It will be hard emotionally for both of you. And he will probably cry some.

Lindsay - posted on 09/14/2009




I wasn't able to breastfeed my daughter (she was a preemie who never caught on) but I did pump for about 4.5 months. She was able to have breastmilk for about 6 months or so, when our frozen supply started to get low, I would mix bottles half breast milk and half formula (you could do half breast milk, half whole milk) and slowly gave more formula and less breastmilk. Just be prepared whether going to formula or whole milk for some constipation issues, offer some pear or prune juice throughout the day to help with that, just be careful not to give to much sugary juice.

As far as emotional issues go, I felt very guilty when I decided to stop pumping, I knew she needed the nutrition, but it was just taking too big of a toll on me. I first cut out night time pumpings, then every few days would take away one daytime pumping. I didn't deal with much pain from engorgement at all.

Destry - posted on 09/14/2009




I only breast fed for a little bit with my girls, but I just switched right to the bottle, that was it.. cold turkey and when it was time for the bottles to go.. I did the same thing, tossed the bottles, and in with the sippy cup.. .. they were a little fussy for a day or two, but they got over it.. it was easier for me and them, to just switch and not play games.. your big now' you use a cup.. if they knew the bottle was an option and I gave them a sippy cup instead.. it would turn into a mealtdown.. so I just threw the bottles out and didnt give them the option...

Karen - posted on 09/14/2009




Hi, I didn't get on with feeding my first child but did it for 7 weeks begrudgingly as it was best for her - breast feeding should be enjoyable not a chore, please don't feel guilty. 4-5 milk feeds a day seems to be a lot at 1, maybe try cutting down gradually, my 2 girls only had milk in the morning and at bed time at that age with juyice throughout the day. I know every child is different and every mum is different, you need to do what you think is right for you and your child. Take care and I hope you sort something out. Happy mummying x

Sarah - posted on 09/14/2009




this may be a little different as i weaned my daughter a 4months but its worth a try. I did it slowly breast....bottle...breast...bottle....bottle...breast...bottle...bottle...bottle (or cup..sippy cup etc.) my milk supply went down gradually and when they got too engorged and sore from the cut back i used cabbage leafs on my breasts, seriously works!! i was very emotional when i stop especially as i had to. My milk didn't fill up my baby it was very watered down...she was loosing weight and still having 40min feeds every 2 hrs. I got jealous when id go 2 a parents room and women were nursing theyre baby's and i couldn't its a very hard change as you dont have that closeness. DONT GO COLD TURKEY my aunty did and it can be very destressing for the baby. Dont hesitate to chat if you need!

Good Luck xx

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