weaning at 4months, help!

Natasha - posted on 08/26/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




my little boy has just turned 4months and is such a hungary baby. he weighs 13lb and is on hungary baby formula but he is eating his fingers and hands and getting frustrated. He has started to wake through the night and shows interest in what im eating. im worried though because ive read so much about waiting till hes 6months. im a first timemum and i guess just looking for some reassurrance.


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Some babies are ready to start weaning at 4 months, though most are not until 6 months. Sometimes the night waking and increased appetite are just a growth spurt and will pass in a week or so. Better things to watch for to decide if he's ready for solids would be sitting up unsupported and losing the tongue thrust reflex - once he's done that, he might be okay getting solids. These are things you'd need to judge for yourself. Maybe even give him a spoonful of cereal to see if he'll even take it. My son also did some of the things you're describing, but even though he was a big boy (20lbs at 4 months) we did wait until 6 months. You may want to talk it over with your doctor as well.

Nikki - posted on 08/26/2009




i liv in the uk and we are told now to not wean till six months but one of my twins was constantly hungry so we gave him baby rice then a bottle b4 bed it worked

Michelle - posted on 08/26/2009




My daughter's doctor had me put her on rice cereal when she was four months old. Different situation though, she's 8 months now and only weighs 14 pounds. He told me it was fine to start her then, but to leave it plain and mix with formula or breastmilk.

Nadine - posted on 08/26/2009




my daughter is a week away from 4 months and was doing all those thing for the last couple of weeks I have been feeding here rice and oatmeal cereal 2 times a day one of those with her last feeding of the day so she will sleep all night again. That is the only food she eats. You should start cereal at about 4 months and baby food at about 6 so try the cereal have fun he will be covered in it and so will you. good luck

Keelie - posted on 08/26/2009




I betting that hes just going through a growth spurt, my son did that, there were times when he would eat like crazy then for awhile his appitite would slim back down, wait and see it might just be a growth spurt. but if hes really that hungry i would suggest baby rice cereal it might help, but ask your peditrician what they would recommend you do, you can water down the cereal so its not so thick he wont like it. Just a suggestion. hope it helps.

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