Week Late...Negative pregnancy test

Courtney - posted on 11/10/2010 ( 17 moms have responded )




As of today I am a week late getting my period (I am always usually right on time give or take a day) but I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and they are all negative. However, I am still having doubts because I am showing symptoms: breast tenderness, tightness and cramping like I'm about to start, and then today while fixing my 3yr olds lunch the smell of the ranch I put on his plate made me nauseus, and I later got sick this evening as well. What is going on!? Any ideas?


Sarh - posted on 11/11/2010




If you believe you may be pregnant I suggest getting a blood pregnancy test done through your doctor. I took NUMEROUS home tests when I was first pregnant w/my son and they all came out negative! I was taking home tests up to what we found out was about 6 wks, I took a home tests the morning before going in to my doctors office to take a blood test, again the home test came out negative and the dr's test proved it wrong and was positive.

Sarah - posted on 11/13/2010




You know what's kinda funny is i had home test after home test tell me i wasn't pregnant and I went to the dr. and said i have sore and tinder boobs and she made me take a blood test and a other test and both came back saying i wasn't pregnant I was 2 and a half months late when i finally got a test say i was and well i was. :/ bodies just are crazy i feel.

Brianna - posted on 11/12/2010




with my daughter i didnt no i was preggo i was expecting my period and had all the signs of my period crampy, & tender breasts yet never got my period a had a positive pregnancy test 2 weeks late

Sarah - posted on 11/12/2010




I know how you feel. My periods are normally on time, but this past month I was a week late. I had cramping, breast tenderness, bloating...all that fun stuff. I took a pregnancy test & it was negative. A few days later I finally started my period. I don't know why it took so long to start, but sometimes our bodies can be funny like that. I know it's hard to wait, but I'd hold off a few more days & see if anything happens. If your period still doesn't come, it won't hurt to give the doc a call. :) Good luck!

Sophie - posted on 07/13/2013




Hi i was 39days late thought i was pregant neg test....and have started period today....just letting people no what happened after to me:(

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Stephanie - posted on 11/19/2010




Make sure you take the test in the am.. first urination ro just go to your doctor. that was me when i ended up prego with my son. i took 4 tests and the 1st 3 were neg. if youre not ready to go to a dr then give it another week

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with my first kid i was like 2 months along and still no hpt showed positive had to go to the dr my second kid showed on hpt within a few days of missing and the last i didnt find out till i was 3 months along and finally missed a period. Then here few months ago i was 3 weeks late and i finally started i think it was a change in my life i had less stress and was exercising but since that the next period was 1 week before the previous and the last one was also earlier. So it has a lot to do with your body and your weight and what all you do and stress the slightest change can throw it off

Christina - posted on 11/12/2010




Wait a few days and test again. It could be that there isn't enough of the pregnancy hormone for the test to pick up thus giving you a false negative, I did the same thing with my last pregnancy. If you test again and it's still negative, call your doctor!

Brandy - posted on 11/12/2010




The more you stress about the longer it will take for your period to come. Your days will feel like weeks. Relax, read a book, go for walks in a few more days you will know for sure. Good Luck

Debra - posted on 11/11/2010




I'd wait another week before doing anything. Don't drink just in case though! My periods are always on time, I mean to the day. I was 11 days late once, took a pregnancy test it was negative. My period started the next day. I was really stressed out & tired & sick at the time.

Shari - posted on 11/11/2010




It is possible to have a false negative but not usually a false positive. So if its negative and you are having symptoms I would call the doctors office, and make an appointment.

Courtney - posted on 11/11/2010




Thanks for the advice! Haven't really been stressed about anything more than usual but I think I am just going to try and wait it out, not focus on it too much and if another week goes by I will go have the blood test done. Gonna be hard though because I'm extremely impatient!!

Chrystal - posted on 11/11/2010




You might not be far enough along for a pregnancy test to come up positive.

Heather - posted on 11/11/2010




you're pretty much describing me this entire past week, and then yesterday I finally got my period. Have you been stressed lately? I find that can mess around with my period a little, and of course as long as you are anxiously waiting for it to start, murphy's law says that you will have to wait...

Stifler's - posted on 11/11/2010




You're only a week late. Just don't drink and wait a bit before you take another one before you rush off to the doc about it.

Sarah - posted on 11/11/2010




Take yourself to the GP and go from there!! You culd also be building yourself up from strss of might being pregnant. Hope all works out for you!

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