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So I am 21 years old, 22 in june and i just found out i am 4 weeks pregnant. I am overweight and that has been a huge issue for me for the past couple of years. I was just wondering if its not my usual lifestyle is it safe to do exercises and try to lose weight since I'm early in, or could that harm my baby ? I'd like to atleast try to lose a little before i get huge.. lol I'm currently at 230 pounds and i'm only 5'5. I've searched online and everyone says weight gian is important in pregnancy for the baby and just to eat healthy and go on walks. But i want to do more, I just didn't know if it was safe since I'm not normally very active.


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Like Kayla suggested, talk to your doctor. But light exercising should be perfectly fine, as long as you don't have a high risk pregnancy. Walking is FANTASTIC and can actually help to make labor and delivery easier. And it's something you can do right up until (and for some, even during) labor :)
There's also yoga and an assortment of other exercise programs for pregnant women.
Weight gain is important, to an extent. The more over weight you are, the less you actually *need* to gain. I've had 3 children and the most I've ever gained is about 15lbs and that was in the last 6 weeks or so with my last one. I'm also about 50lbs over my *healthy* weight.
As long as you are eating a healthy, balanced diet (with allowances made for cravings of course :P), you don't actually NEED to gain any weight. I actually lost about 10lbs during the first 2 trimesters in all my pregnancies. Not because I wasn't eating/I was being unhealthy in any way, but just because I was eating as I usually do and was just burning extra calories making life :P

On a side note, I'm actually curios as to where the *pregnant women must not exercise/over exert themselves* mentality comes from. Don't forget that 150 years ago, it wasn't uncommon for women to be working in the fields, etc from the day they got pregnant, right up until they went into labor.
As long as you're not jumping into weight lifting competitions or body building, a general workout routine will be fine as long as you have a healthy pregnancy :)

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In the first trimester you will probably find that you'll be too tired all the time to do a ton of exercising... I think you should be fine to exercise, as long as it is not excessive. Treadmill, stationary bike that kind of thing. Definitely consult with your doctor at your first prenatal as they can see what your current physical health is, and will be able to anticipate (or may already know) your limitations. Eating healthy and going on walks is absolutely something you should be doing every day, but as long as you have the energy you could do a bit more. Swimming is also a great way to get in shape. I think it is very admirable that you are looking to take better care of yourself!


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