Well tolerated Juices?!

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Hi Everyone!

My son is easily constipated and has pear juice mixed in with his cereal to help. I am looking to start him on another juice and was looking for some suggestions on well tolerated juices? He never has it in a bottle, just in his cereal. He is 5 months! Thanks!

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Wendy - posted on 09/25/2012




Apple Juice is the best "natural laxative" there is for babies and kids over 4 months of age. The OPPOSITE rule applies with apples, applesauce, and other apple products.

Apple Juice loosens stools because of the fructose, sorbitol, and sugars/liquids while apples and applesauces contain Apple Pectin which bulks up stools.

Barley or oatmeal cereals, prunes, pears, peaches, plums, apricots and most vegetables are preferred when baby has constipation. Since you already introduced Pear Juice, the mixing of Apple-Pear would probably be tolerated just fine until he's regular again.

Avoid white potatoes, rice cereals, dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream), bananas, toast, and applesauce.

Rebecca - posted on 01/11/2009




Try a natural prune juice with the cereal plain or diluted with a little apple or pear. My son had alot of problems w/ constipation as a baby and the prune juice seemed to help.

Penny - posted on 01/10/2009




I would try a little white grape juice, my boys both have allergic reaction to apple juice, so we have done white grape juice and highly diluted cranberry and regular grape juice with them.

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Quoting Tara:

He refuses prune juice, hates it!

try the actual prunes in the baby food jars.  It was the only way my son would take them cause the juice is nasty.

Heather - posted on 01/09/2009




I agree with Autumn. My daughter was constipated a few months ago and we gave her apple juice diluted with water. It worked great.

[deleted account]

He has been much better with the constipation since starting baby foods! He refuses prune juice, hates it! Maybe I will go to apple next. Does apple seem to be well tolerated in babies? Any other juices anyone has tried?

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My son had that problem. I gave him apple juice (watered down) and prunes. The juice doesn't taste as good as the stuff in the baby food jars. You can still mix it with his cereal. Also, if he is on formula, try one that says low iron. To much iron can make you constipated.

Shannon - posted on 01/09/2009




prune juice works for that problem but you could start adding sweet potatoes, peas, to his cereal and that will also help!


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