whaen should my son start kindergarten NSW

Krichelle - posted on 05/21/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




I have a little boy who will be 5 in april 2011.

I know i can start him at school next year but im thinking that i should keep him back untill 2012 when he will turn 6 in the april. i have asked his pre school and the local primary what they think and they say it up to me.

He is the oldest of 4 children, with his siblings being 2 1/2, 10months and 8 weeks.

Just wondering if i can get peoples opinions on weather i should send him next year or hold him back a year.

Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

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Candice - posted on 05/24/2010




I live in NSW and My son's bday is on dec 31st (he is only 5months now!) - so in a few years when he turns 5, I think i'll be putting him in school that year (2014) so he'll start when he has just turned 5. Otherwise I'd hate him to be the eldest, I'd rather him be the youngest. I was born in march and went to school when I was 5 and I found half the kids were the same age and the other half werent, so I guess it depends on you and when you think he is ready developmentally.

Tcordukes - posted on 05/23/2010




I currently live in queensland my daughter turned 5 in march and is in prep ( kindergarden) and i HATE IT... I'm from NSW and had decided that she would start next yr (the yr she turned 6) I was young when i went though school and i hated it so i didn't want it for my daughter.
If and when we move back to NSW (hubby is army so will probably happen) i am going to repeat her if she is still in the first half of primary school.
I was also told a few things from friend which made me think.
1) do you want your child to be a leader or a follower. (for me this was an arh ha moment) i remember from school that the leaders tend to be the older on (not always though) so giving them that extra 12 month may just give them more confidence to do and make up there own mind.
2) most boys (not all) are generally keeped back and sent at 5-6 yrs where most girls are sent 4-5, Go forward 10 yrs and you have boys that are up to 18mth older then the girls, ( this is something that probably doesnt set off bells like it did for me but these are things i considered.
Another thing to look at i think is tis whole thing wit the NAPLAN test that get done, QLD whinge because they do quite bad in then but they don't take into account that the kids up here are 12mth younger then anywhere else..
Sorry this is long.

Danielle - posted on 05/22/2010




Ithink its a personal choice and based on the childs personality.
I was born in march and my parenst held me back so i would be one of the eldest...it was the best thing ever. I always felt sorry for the kids who were a yr younger then the rest of us cause there were soo many things they couldnt do when we all reached 15yrs...

however at my daycare there is a kid who was 5 in march and isnt going to school next yr and he is ready for school now. However the extra yr of prep time doesnt do any harm.

From personal experience i would say wait :)...it didnt do me any harm. i also graduated near the top of my class in high school and came 3rd in nearly every subject. :)

Melanie - posted on 05/22/2010




my daughter is also an april baby and i to live in NSW I plan on sending her when she is 4 and will be turning 5 that april and not holding her back till 5 going on 6. my son (23wks in the making) is due in september so of corse i will wait till he is 5 turing 6. I went to school with a fair few may babies that were not held back and they did not have any trouble

Crystal - posted on 05/22/2010




if you keep him back statistecly specking he has less of a chance at graduating and going collage

Ashley - posted on 05/22/2010




The pre-school is right, it is your decision. I think teh child should be both emotionally and developmentally ready for school before starting. If they're not "ready" they will not get as much out of it as they should. Kindergarten cirriculums are much harder now than when I went. My nephew turned 5 this past october but did not start kindergarten, he will be starting this coming year and will turn 6 at the begining of the year. He is an extremely bright child but was not emotionally ready for the big leap from pre-school. I'm sure your sons teachers can help you figure out what's best for him.

User - posted on 05/22/2010




I would start him at 5 yrs old. In the US most kids start kindergarten at 5 yrs old unless there is some reason that the parent doesn't feel that the child is ready...Is he currently in a pre-school?

Amber - posted on 05/22/2010




If I were you, Id do it when He is 5, because I'm pretty sure thats when they start goin, and you couldn't want him to be the oldest one in his class, and if you wait he would be older than the rest of the kids. hope I helped :)

Julie - posted on 05/21/2010




I personally wouldnt, He will be the oldest in the class-which may seen weird when he becomes older. why are you wanting to hold him back? Do you think hes not ready? My son has been at school for a little over a year and loves it. Im not sure about schools in NSW but in NZ, children start school in a reception class. this class is a link between kindy and school. It has learning etc, but its a 'warm up' class. they stay there for about 2-6wks depending on the child. it was great.

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