what age is too young to discuss sex?


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Sarah - posted on 10/06/2009




The best thing you can do is go with what you feel is right. For me, I think nine is a little young. Also, is your nine year old bringing up the subject or do you just want to get a head start? Sometimes it is best to let kids just be blissfully unaware of what's out there. There is nothing wrong with letting kids be just that...kids. Letting them hold on to their innocence as long as possible. If you feel you need to bring up the subject, stick to facts and as little detail as possible. You will eventually have "the talk" in greater detail later on.

[deleted account]

hell yes! My mom told me when i was 13 n it was to late ....the spice channel is where i got my info.

Jamie - posted on 10/05/2009




Yes, its never to young to begin discussing the body. Just keep it real and age appropriate. with 14 yr old girls getting pregnant you can never start to early.

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well, if that's your fear, then do what you think is best, but i will say, a friend of both of my daughters was caught trying to meet strange boys from the internet, even long distance, some were talking sex with this friend, and my girls found it repulsive, but that's my daughters....only you know whats best for YOUR daughter, because you know her. maybe think about it a little longer before you decide to tell her anything. it's your choice. Don't base any decisions off of me or anyone else here. just go with your gut. I'm sure what ever decision you make, it will be the right one for you. :)

Kashara - posted on 10/05/2009




you dont think me telling her will make her want to do it? My mom told me at 13 what sex was...well 1st she told us if we kiss a boy we will get pregnant. boy was i scared when i 1st kissed a boy lol. but she told me not to do it untill I get married. well Iwanted to know what is the big deal about sex so i went and did it cause she sd not to. I figured if i dont bring it up, she wont do it right?

[deleted account]

well, my girls started asking where babies came from when they were 5, their curiosity came from my being pregnant. My pedi said to tell them the truth, tell them everything...so I did. now that they are in middle school, the subject comes up from obnoxious boys at school, and they know what exaggerated and whats real. I say, talk to your kiddo. you won't damage them or anything close to it.

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