What age to start cereal and babyfood??

Tiffany - posted on 09/30/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am confused about when I can introduce cereal to my baby. She is 2 months old. I have had some people say I can give her a tablespoon in her milk to help fill her up and help her sleep then some have said 4 months and some say 6. Also when to introduce babyfoods some people have told me 4 months and some have said 6?? any advice will be helpful. Thanks


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Autumn - posted on 09/30/2009




I know most doctors say don't give them cereal or anything for at least three or four months, but both of mine had it by the time they were two weeks old and it never hurt them in the slightest. They are perfect sized for their age and everything. The rice cereal helped them from spitting up, because it helped the formula settle on their stomachs, and at times did seem to help them rest better. As far as baby food goes, my first child, born in December of 2007, hated it. He never ate baby food- went straight to mashed potatoes and mashed up sweet peas- things like that. Now my youngest, born in December of 2008, was about 3 1/2 of 4 months old when I started trying him on food. He eats some baby food, but not a lot. The way I have done it has worked for my two just fine, and they are healthy growing typical boys. But, just because it worked for one.. it may not for another. I hope all goes well for you and your new addition and maybe you can gather some help from everyone.

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Giving babies cereal doesn't help them sleep longer. That's a myth (and a very common one):



As for introducing cereal and solid foods, I waited until 6 months with my son, and that is what doctors recommend (AAP, WHO, etc). My son gained weight no problem on milk, and then took to solids at 6 months just fine. We skipped cereal altogether - there are a lot more nutritious foods than cereal, so I didn't see the point in offering it.

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It all depends on your child. I started my daughter just before she turned three months. She was so hungry all the time. I was feeding her 8oz every 2-4hours. It has hard on her and me as well. We tried a teaspoon once a day in the morning. It helped a lot. She started sleeping threw the night, was throwing up way less and generally a much happier baby. I know my doctor said to keep her on the bottle until a minimum of four months but she was so hungry. I had to follow my babies signs.

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My daughter just had her two month check-up and I was asking her pediatrician the same thing. He said his usual procedure is to start feeding rice cereal at the point when a baby who was previously sleeping thru the night (or close to) is no longer sleeping thru due to hunger. I was told that if this happens with my daughter before her next check-up at four months to go ahead and try feeding her rice cereal mixed with applesauce, starting with about a tablespoons worth or so once in the morning and once in the evening. Hope this helps!

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I was told by my doctor to introduce babyfoods at 4 mo. I started with rice cereal at 4 mo. I also never gave it in the bottle. I heard that you shouldn't give cereal in the bottle but I don't remember why not. Sorry I am not more helpful.

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Every baby is different. There really is no set time frame on when you want to introduce different foods. I have a 9-month-old daughter and she started eating cereal and gerber foods at 3 months old. The pediatrician told me not to put cereal or foods into her formula, but instead to try to feed her a few teaspoons a day to see if she is able to swallow it correctly. If it looks like she's having no troubles swallowing I would suggest you keep giving it to her. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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