What do you do if your 12 months slaps people?

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My 12 month old son has been hitting and slapping people. I don't think he's doing it on purpose but when he does, I hold his hand and look at him and say firmly, "no". I have been doing this for a while and it hasn't done any good. I don't know if he is trying to pet or just slapping. Does any one have any suggestions


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Kimi - posted on 05/25/2009




When he hits just take his hands gently and say, " no...touch soft.. be gentle". At that age they don't really know that it other people experiance pain the same way they do. Teach him how the touch things gently by guideing his hands in correct motions and as you do tell him that it is important to be gentle. Be very repetitive by always saying the same thing over and over again in a very calm and serious voice. You could practice with his stuffed animals or even your own face right after he hits you.

A baby will not understand time out's untill he is about 18 months old allthough there are some exeptions. He will most likely just get upset and not realise that you want him to stop hitting. If you introduce timeouts too early they will be less affective by the time he hits his terrible twos and threes. By doing timeouts too early you are only punishing yourself.

Jo - posted on 05/25/2009




I cant help but feel that a one year old wont really understand wot time out is!!! I think that telling them no an making sure that they no it's not fun to do i.e don't laugh wen they do it. an persistance will help My lil boy use to do it an doesn't any more, it's jus a phase they go thou!

Ambur - posted on 05/25/2009




well i woud would stop that habbit right away before it grows bigger by putting him/her in timeout for 1 minute every time they strike someone it will probblly take a week or two but it will pay off if you are consistant and stern in your voice.

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