What food do you give your child when they are sick?

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My 19 month old son has had gastro for 6 days now and I think that he is getting better but then he eats something different and he throws up again. I've been giving him toast, sandwiches, dry biscuits and Hydralyte icypoles. He seems to be able to keep them down but yesterday he had a sandwich with nutella on it and that night we had tea and he ate some mashed potato I had made him (without milk) and he threw up. Then after he threw up he continued eating the mashed potato without a worry. I expected him to throw up the mashed potato sometime during the night but he didn't. So maybe it was the nutella that made him throw up.

He is getting sick of eating toast all the time and he wants other food but I don't know whats safe to feed him while he is sick. any suggestions?


Kimberly - posted on 11/16/2009




I was always told to do the brat diet. Bananas, rice, apples, toast. Obviously you could try other things but I would keep to simpler things that are easy on the tummy. Soup, any sort of sauced fruit etc. Maybe try smaller portions until you are sure he will be able to keep it down.

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Bland food. Usually stick with the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). Otterpops are good for hydration, my daughter won't drink pedialyte. Or gatorade that's diluted. Just keep it simple. Nutella probably isn't good for gastro.

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Hey thanks everyone for your advise. I didn't think that banana's would be good.

I have good news my boy hasn't puked since yesterday, I think he is finally getting back to normal. He is very hungry today which is a great sign. He had nearly a full punnet of strawberries and some spaghetti for breakfast and later on he had 4 biscuits.

I'm so glad he can eat again, he was getting very skinny. I still carefull what I give him. Well once again thanks for the advise, I appreciate it.

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I would go with the bland foods suggestion - soups and purees are good because they are (generally) easier on the stomach and wont sit in there too long. just try small amounts of the new foods first and see how he reacts to them before giving him larger amounts to avoid too much vomiting...just a suggestion based on how I dealt with me after a bad dose of gastro :) Good Luck - hope it passes soon

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Cheyenne - posted on 04/04/2013




Hi there, i hope somebody can advise me...... im new to this......
my son is 19 months, hes not too well, come down with cough, cold, runny nose, and his tonsils are red as well doctor saying virus, it will cure on its own, its been 3 days he just wont eat..... what can i give him? im giving him dilutes, tried noodles, banana etc hes saying no an wont open his mouth..... do you think i should persevere an let him come around?

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bland foods...think about what you would want to eat if you had an upset stomach. By this age they are basically eating the same things you are anyways. Try some plain noodles, plain bagels, dry non-sweetened cereals...

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