what is a good way to get your young child to do his homework when he is throwing a fit?


Jamie - posted on 04/27/2009




I am a single mom of two school aged kids myself, and a toddler. The oldest is my daugher (8), extremely wise and witty. My middle son (7), is very smart and extremely high energy and has a very hard time sitting still. What works for us is I offer a reward of points for every night they do their homework (2-3 pages a night). Every day they do their homework they get 5 points (when they do chores and help out around the house they get points too - 1 point usually for a reasonable size chore, like helping with the dishes or cleaning up their bathroom, or something like that). When they get to 50 points, they get $5. (They can also lose points by being disrespectful or something like that). We keep charts of how many points they each have and make a point to keep up with it! They are really into it and talk about their # of points all the time! It works for us... maybe it'll work for you too...

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