What is the difference between regular yogurt and baby yogurt?

Barbara - posted on 04/24/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Why do the sell special yogurt for babies/ toddlers? is there something in regular (adult) yogurt thats harmful to babies? i mean the regular stuff is cheaper but i want to be sure its not going to cause any issues with my 15mo olds tummy.


Kimberly - posted on 04/24/2011




well the YOBABY yogurt is organic for one. It's healther for your baby...it doesn't last very long so if your baby is still on the bottle and doesn't need too much more calcium from other dairy products i suggest you only buy one pack of 4 because there are no preservatives in the yogurt and it goes bad faster than regular yogurt. Also the yobaby yogurt is made with whole milk instead of the low fat milk that the rest of us need and love because it's less fatening. Babies need fat for their brain development and whole milk is one way of getting that. =]

Emily - posted on 04/24/2011




It is recommended that babies until 2 yr old eat only whole milk yogurt, just as they should only drink whole milk until their 2nd birthday, "Adult" yogurt is usually fat-free or low-fat. I usually buy a large tub of plain organic whole-milk yogurt and mix in my own pureed fruits/veggies (apples, bananna, sweet potato, etc.) for my 13 month old. She will even readily eat it without the add-ins. The yogurts that are specifically marketed for babies and toddlers are loaded with sugar, which is why I choose plain, and add my own extras.


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