what milk is good for a 1yr old??

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im trying to wean my son off the boob, and he hates any kind of formula...and i deff. have run out of milk to pump(1oz in a half hour) i was thinking maybe lactaid milk b/c its not really milk....but he's going to be a yr. old in a couple weeks, and i wondered if you go straight to whole milk the day they turn a yr. old or if you wean it in....what to do??


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give him whole or follow up formula. nestle good start tastes like breast milk because it has a higher sugar content so you may want to try that. also enfagrow makes formula for kids 1-3 and is flavored vanilla

Sarah - posted on 07/21/2009




I weaned my daughter over the period of about a week onto whole milk. I'd suggest weaning just so it doesn't irritate thier digestive system. But if you're slowly running out of your own milk I think it's safe for you to wean now. It's better than nothing, so try not to stress too much!

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With both my kids I just went to whole milk between 12 and 13 months. I waited until a week that I knew nothing was going on and I could deal with what ever came up and I switched over to whole milk mixed with vanilla flavored carnation instant breakfast. I tried just plain whole milk with my daughter, but she would not drink as much as if i put the instant breakfast in it, so when my son came along I just used the vanilla milk and he loved the taste and switched right over. I talk to the pediatrician about it and she told me that adding the carnation was actually a really good thing because of all the vitamins and stuff in it. The only thing is that now vanilla milk is all my daughter will drink, my son could care less, so I figure that it is still a good thing to have extra vitamins and I mix it at a lower concentration to save money.

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Kids under two are recommended to take whole milk, the fat is good for brian development. The easiest way to make them like it is to make sure it's warm and you may have to water it down at first if he has never had milk.

Jessica - posted on 07/21/2009




whole milk deff. their little bodies need that fat in it! to ween would thrown in 1 milk bottle a day for 4 days. then do 2 a day for about 5 to 6 days. and so on. it really helped with the constipation aspect of it also.

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Yeah i would do whole milk unless your worried about weight. But my kids are noww 4 and 6 and i still give them wwhole milk as there not over weight and i dont want them to loose anymore. So i would do whole milk unless your dr advises different

Jackie - posted on 07/21/2009




when my daughter was 1 i started giving her a little bit of whole milk in a cup
and i gave it to her more and more
now she drinks it all the time and she likes it fine

her doctor told me only to give her whole milk because of her weight (she is 18 months and is 20 lbs) she said the fat in milk is good for toddlers unless they are already overweight

Samantha - posted on 07/21/2009




Whole milk until 18 months then 2% until around 2 years then 1% after that. That's what I was told anyway....

Jessica - posted on 07/21/2009




I was told that at a year old you wean them onto whole milk! This is what i plan to do with my boy as I have also been told that having bottles after a year old can hinder speech development!

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