what r the main causes of baby rot? how 2 prevent it and what 2 do if your child has it? what affect does it have on adult teeth?


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What everyone else said.  Unfortunately, for some babies it will happen without any reason whatsoever.  But it won't affect adult teeth.    I do know of some cases of it occuring and there isn't really an explanation. 

Maura - posted on 04/14/2009




Going to bed with a bottle is the #1 cause. Also not watering down juice or giving them soda(which I hope you don't). Try to get them to enjoy drinking just water. Brush or wipe their teeth twice a day. It shouldn't have any affect on adult teeth.

Amy - posted on 04/14/2009




Frist does your son go to bed with a bottle??? That can cause rot. To much juice can do it. You need to see a  DDS for the problem. Also brush his teeth or wipe them off with a wash cloth after he eats or drinks that will help. Adult teeth shouldn't be a problem but it depends on the cause. I had it when I was young b/c of the way o.j. was made to much acid in it. Let me know how things work of if you have more questions about it.

Ashley - posted on 04/14/2009




Making sure the child brushes his or her teeth before bed and not having anything to drink but water afterwards. I do this with my daughter and her teeth are fine.. My sister has done this with her son and he hasn't had any dental problms neither..

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