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aside from the spanking issue..but made me think to tell you all.....
out of five kids..4 of them have their tendencies to mouth off, hit each other, etc....

they have to do push ups...start at 10, or stand with their arms straight out from their bodies for 5 minutes at a time....no argument, no bargaining....that's it. they pop off with something smart and the first thing out of my mouth is "10 push ups" . after the push ups are done I remind them that this is for mouthing off, hitting sibling, or whatever else they have done. same with the hold arms out. they hate it, and things quiet down quickly lately with this. no one is yelling, no one is getting spanked, and if they don't want more, then that's that...and they don't want more...so...i thought i'd share since time outs, spankings, and taking things away just didn't seem so effective. I actually got these silly ideas from my brother...doesn't seem cruel to me, and the issues with the kids seem to get resolved faster this way. and making them exercise a little is not harsh...I think of it as extra p.e. class.....i haven't had to administer these punishments more than twice a day, if even once a day for over a week. they get it


Jessica - posted on 10/04/2009




that's a good idea, b/c once kids are old enough to be able to do that, it's normally hard to find some other form of punishment that is negative enough to sink in.

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