What should i do about Baby getting sick?

Natasha - posted on 01/15/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




I know that it is good for children to be exposed to certain things. and sometimes to other kids as long as they have their shots. I do believe that. but my problem is that my husband and i at a spot in between opportunities right now. and we ended up staying with my parents at their house. now this wouldnt normally be a problem except my sister in law had her third kid in october of 2011. and for what ever reason she cant seem to take care of all three at once on a given day. so my mother has been having to baby sit for her twice a week or more for almost a year now. and my sister in law keeps sending her two youngest over here when they are sick. know full well that there is a little one here already. my son has been sick 4 really bad times in the last three months. and right now i am in the middle of the 4th time and frustrated.
what should i do? should i talk to my sister in law? or my mother maybe? help please??


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Deanna - posted on 01/20/2013




You are living with someone willing to take care of HER grandchildren. I am sorry to say this, but you don't have the right to talk to either of them. Her house, you are guests there now. You can not expect her to make her not see her grandchildren. Now, that being said we move on.
Children NEED to catch these colds and such. It is how we get our immunity. Children get sick on AVERAGE 10 times a year. Some will get sick more, some less.

Amanda - posted on 01/18/2013




It is her house. Don't let your son around them when they are sick. Plane and simple. But kids get sick. My son is now in kindergarten and was sick at least twice a month since September. He also came home with a cold from the hospital because a stupid friend of my ex brought their kid who had a really bad cold, found out later it turned into pneumonia, lucky my son didn't get it. But now when he gets a cold he blows his nose and goes about playing. Kids are tough and bounce back from anything. The more you stress the more he stresses which wont help his immune system. I live at home as well, and my brother and sister in law live next door so they call all the time to babysit. When my son gets sick they ask my mom to come over there to watch their daughter, she tells them to bad bring her here other wise I am not babysitting. She always catches his colds and she is fine. Her house her rules no matter how old you are you have to respect her wishes.

September - posted on 01/16/2013




Is it just a common cold that your child is getting from her children/child? If so I wouldn’t do anything. Children get sick; they need to get sick to build their immunities. Our son is in per-school and tends to catch colds that go through his school. There is a rule at his pre-school that children can attend while sick just as long as they don't have a fever. I was concerned about it at one point until I talked to his pediatrician. He helped me better understand that they either get sick while in daycare or per-school or they get sick when they start kindergarten. Either way all children get sick. If it's more than the common cold and you're concerned, I'd have a talk with your sister-in-law. I'd also be sure to disinfect the house and things that are most often touched by the children regularly. Hand washing several times throughout the day is important as well.

Sarah - posted on 01/15/2013




That is a tough one. Your parents chose to allow you to stay with them and they have also chose to babysit your nieces or nephews. Yeah, your parents and your sister in law should respect the fact that your little one should not be exposed to the other children's illnesses, but frankly, you are stuck. I know the feeling. My hubby, our kiddos and myself stay with my mom and we face certain things like that all the time. We put ourselves between the rock and a hard spot and now we have to live with it. I would bet that your child and your sis in laws children are just passing the same germs around over and over again. I would go through the house, clean every surface with a disinfectant. All the kiddos toys need to be cleaned too. If you have a dish washer, put everything in there that doesn't have batteries. It will get it nice and disinfected. If you don't have a dish washer and for the toys that have batteries, use a bleach solution. Daycares use it. It is 2 tablespoons of bleach to 1 quart of cold water. Soak the non battery toys in in and spray the battery toys with it. Get furniture friendly disinfectant, like Lysol, and spray the furniture and the floors and the mattresses. Wash all blankets and dry all pillows if they can't be washed. Kill the germs that are around the house. You could talk to your family about it and tell them that you are concerned for your child's health, but if they don't listen or don't care then just keep Lysol around and spray as you go. It sucks, I know, but there isn't much else to be done until you and your hubby are able to move.

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