what should i do with my

Maguy - posted on 06/03/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




3 uyears old girl, she dont listen 2 me, and if she dont get what she wants start crying and shouting.


Trish - posted on 06/03/2009




that's normal just ignore the tantrums no means no and you're even less likely to change your mind if she starts screaming. my daughter's nearly 6 and still sometimes starts screaming when she doesn't get her own way, but the more you give in to the screams the more she will do it she'll learn that to get what she wants all she has to do is scream ignore them and most importantly don't give in to her when she does it. my daughter's older but when she does it I send her to her room and say if you want to behave like a 2yr old then do it where i can't see you lol. as for not listening to you well all kids are the same they have what I call selective hearing, hear what they want to hear and ignore the rest lol just tell her she has to listen to you and if she doesn't then punish her (I always find the naughty step / corner works but you think of something that works for you and her).

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i actually have been readin alot about raising kids regardless boys or girls,kids that age r very smart even tho they dont show it in a clear way,she knows she can get what ever she wants by throwin a fit infront of u....i know this is hard to ask but u really should start ignoring her needs when u think its unnecessary..she will be cryin out loud and it will probobly break yr heart but u need to be storg and ignore it for sum times till she gets the sign that cryin and bein stobbern is not workin with u.....let her cry it out and she will eventually grow out of it....its better to fix this now before she gets older and harder.
hope this work for u.

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I have been reading the book raising boys and i have found what they say really helpful. there is also a book called raising girls- thats the next one i will read. they talk about the stages and development for each sex from birth to adulthood

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there is a book out called the baby whisperer! its fantastic! it has so many helpful suggestions! i highly recommend you pick it up!


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start putting her in a time out you may have to sit with her or keep putting her back .make sure you also dont yell at her when you are expiaing things to her that beets the purpos .mabe think of an award systm for a week if she dont cry or start shouting at you when she dont get her way give her a sticker for that day ect ,give her some chores and take stuff away like favorite movies or toys and she dont get them back un till she does something extra like a chore she can help cleen off the table at night and set the table ,may be start to put her own cloughs away (you might want to cut out of sale papper pants so she knows that pants goes there shirts ect )when u talk to her also get to eye level ,and tell her i dont like how you are yelling and shouting at me if you continue ,u will have a consequence such as --------------------------------------.But what ever you tell her you are going to do you stick with it ,for no reason do u give in ...

Paris - posted on 06/03/2009




start putting her in a naughty chair hold her there if u have to for the first few times it wont hurt her but only put her there for 3 minutes it should help but itll take awhile b4 she adjusts to the new punishment

Maguy - posted on 06/03/2009




thanks jessica barnett and liz vandiemen for ur suggetions, im sure it will be helpful for me. have a nice day.

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