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With Chrismas just around the corner,I was wondering what would be a really awesome gift I could buy for my 6 month old daughter Lexi,I was just wondering if there's any mums out there that have seen a really awesome present for a six year old and what it is?? Since this is her first christmas and my first Christmas with three litte rug rats what's something I could buy that all three of the, can enjoy? Also any really cool gifts out there for a 1 year old boy I'd love to find out about?? Thank you! :)


Tracie - posted on 11/16/2012




Mini ball pit, pretend musical instruments, soft blocks, water/bath toys, walking/riding toy, stuffed animals, educational videos, soft balls, lots of options!

Good luck!

Randi - posted on 11/15/2012




What about a bounce house one that fits in your yard or house they are simple and all kids love them


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Thank you!!! These are all great suggestions and will for sure be adding many of these suggestions to my kids Christmas lists!!! Hope all your little ones have a fun and happy day and get spoilt as I'm sure they will lol!! :)

Amanda - posted on 11/16/2012




My son, my niece, and my cousin's boy and my other cousin's daughter, all loved the fisher price little superstars Sing Along stage. It is so much fun. Since all but my son are under two it is still in the living room. When they play with it he plays with them. He dances and they get a kick out of it. You could get that for the little ones and a guitar or a different instrument for the older one and they can all play together or get the six year old a music player that she can record them singing and playing music. If you wanted to get something for all of them that is.

Keri - posted on 11/16/2012




Just check out the preschool toy section of whatever store you go to. Most things there are appropriate for both boys and girls and are neutral in color so you don't stick a boy with a pink and purple widget and a girl with a blue and green one. Age ranges are right on the front of the packaging, so just go for whatever looks fun in the child's age group. Since she's only 6 months old, she's not really going to have the "Yes! That's EXACTLY what I wanted" attitude of older kids who actually make lists and ask for things. Same with the boy - he'll be happy you got him anything.

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Thank you!! Some great ideas and I don't know how but clothes slipped my mind haha! I dress them every single day and I know they new more and are out growing some but it sleep my mind

Lottiare - posted on 11/14/2012




Well because of their age and gender difference it's hard to get something they all would like. For infants best would be clothes and things with lights and sound, and many pictures to take for when she's big and know what she got. The six year old a new/first bike, lipgloss, hair accessories...she at the age where she should feel like a princess and for u two to bond and have the girl moments....now the boy most likely educational toys with lights or a kid football but clothes is always good

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