What to do about you child being too clingy?

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My child only takes to a select few. He is in daycare and it has gotten a little better, but he still isn't all the way there yet. What do I do?


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Jen - posted on 10/10/2009




As he gets more used to day care and new situations he'll begin to explore more. My daughter can be kind of clingy when it comes to new situations, but after a little bit of interaction she goes off on her own. My daughter has been in day care since 4 months old so she's used to interaction with other kids, but she does get upset if her teacher isn't there and they have a sub in her class that she isn't familiar with.

I agree with the other moms. Try to get more people to take him even if it's only for an hour. Or have a friend come play with him while you do something in another room. Also if you have some kids in your neighborhood who are a couple years older than your son, you should try to see if he will interact with them. I took my daughter out to play with 3 little girls who live in the neighborhood and at first she wanted me to hold her, but after 5 mins. or so she was following them around and didn't need mommy anymore. They took her for a ride in their little battery car and she loved it.

Katrina - posted on 10/10/2009




hey, my little boy is the same...! he only likes to be with me or his dad most of the time. tho his got alot better, being around other kids / babies i think is helping and trying to visit my parents and inlaws as much as we can so he can get use to them! I think they just get better in time and just try to get them around other ppl....

Jessica - posted on 10/10/2009




my child is very clingy also. she is just a mommys girl and your child is probally just so clingy to you because he probally feels more protected by you than he does around others. I know sometimes it can get frustratin though. Its sweet but at the same time you probally wish he could be close to others as well. my lil girl has gotten better since I started letting her go around other members of our family more. try lettin him be around other kids more and other members of your family and close friends that may have kids that will help. i hope my advice is helpful in some way.

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