What to do for 4 month old preemie who doesn't like to eat

Kim - posted on 11/03/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok. I had 25wk preemies in march. 1of them the girl eats great, 5oz. Every 4hrs. My boy has had feeding issues since coming home from the NICU in aug. just eats when he feels like it. Right now he eats 4oz. Every 4-5 hrs. And sometimes doesn't finish the bottle. He acts like he is bored with it. I've tried everything as far as, switching bottles, changing nipple flow, less volume more frequent, and letting him eat when he is ready. He just has no interest, funny thing is he is gaining wt. slowly but gaining. Currently 10 lbs. was born 1-12oz. So he has come Lang way. Makes me nervous and worry a lot about his eating habits. Anyone else in counter this prob. With their preemie ?


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Hannah - posted on 11/04/2012




Hi I have twin premmies who are 4 and a half months and have the same problem, there's really 2 choices you can give him a dummy and try to extend the time between feeds so he's more hungry or feed on demand, I have fed on demand with all of my kids and found this works fine as they eat more when having a growth spurt etc. my child health nurse says that my daughters eating habits are fine as she may only have a small stomach so can not handle bigger feeds as the other one does, you may just have to wait it out and he will work it out as he grows

Katie - posted on 11/03/2012




Hi, I have seen this a lot working at a children's therapy office for 6 years. That has physical, occupational and speech therapy services. Sometimes it takes for a speech therapy's to work with the preemie to get use to eating and they can show you the tricks of how to do so. Sometimes it would maybe work if he was feed by someone else then you. I would talk with your doctor and see what they think about having a therapist take a look.It is always better if the therapy's take a look at the preemie's when they are at this age anyway to see how there development is coming along. thank you I hope this helps.

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