When am I due?

Kirsten - posted on 08/18/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




This is my first pregnancy! I took a test on the 11th of this month and received a vary faint positive. The following morning I took one with my boyfriend (he didn't believe me) and it came back another faint positive! That day I went to the doctor to get a conformation that I was pregnant (so I could apply for medicare) and she also got a faint positive. She even ran two tests to make sure it was accurate!
My issue is that my previous periods have been very irregular. In the past eight months they jumped from 30 days apart to suddenly 40 days apart and in the most recent months they were 50 days apart. I didn't see a doctor about this (obviously I didn't have insurance) and I'm wondering if this effects my due date. I'm not sure if the calculation that I am 8 weeks is biased on a 30 day cycle.
Since I haven't gotten medicare yet, I can't ask a doctor. The main cause for my concerns is the alcohol I consumed before I took my test. If I am 8 weeks- I drank very heavily a few nights before I found this out! I am honestly terrified that I have done irreparable harm to my baby. I am very excited about having a child! I am am 23 and this will be my first :) but I'm terrified.
My last period ended on June 20th. I took my test 52 days later with a very light reading.
Any wisdom?


Michelle - posted on 08/20/2014




To put you at ease, most women don't know they are pregnant until they miss a period (unless they are really trying) and they quite often drink in the early weeks.
My advice is to stop drinking now you know you're pregnant but don't dwell on what happened a couple of days before you found out.
In regards to the due date you would be better off waiting until you have the 20 week ultrasound and they can measure how big your baby is and give you a more accurate due date. Let them know that you have had irregular periods so they know to not be worried if you are further along/not as far along as they estimate.

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In a typical cycle, most women ovulate about 14 days into the cycle. That is roughly 14 days from the end of most cycles. If you ovulated earlier in a 52 day cycle, the test would more than likely be a really dark positive off the bat. Since it was so faint, I would guess that you probably concieved about 2 weeks before taking the test. Doctors count from the first day of your last period do calculate due dates, not from conception. According to their calendars, you're 8 weeks+ but you will probably be dated less far along once you have your ultrasound scan. I'm guessing you will probably end up being due within the first week or 2 of May.

As for drinking, as long as you quit now, baby will not be harmed. Many women end up drinking before they find out they're pregnant and their babies are fine. I did the same thing before I found out I was expecting my second. I'm almost 37 weeks and all scans have been fine. Good luck and congrats!

Kimberly De Leon - posted on 08/18/2014




Hello Kirsten,
I'm on my 1st pregnancy as well but I waited 1-2 weeks after my missed period but before that my periods were irregular due to me being on the depo (birth control) shot. My boyfriend & I were trying about 2 1/2 years, then we weren't trying anymore & found out we were pregnant at about 5 weeks, we were both excited. But I took at least 3-4 test to make sure, but you should try the advanced clear blue pregnancy test, it tells if your pregnant & how far you if the other pregnancy test aren't working but it might be too soon to tell yet, cause I was a heavy smoker (weed). God Bless You(:


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