when can i give my child baby cereal?

Sally - posted on 09/09/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




my son is 10 weeks old can i give him baby cereal yet??


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Verna - posted on 09/09/2009




Im a nurse and i gave my kids cereal early but thats just me, i started at 3 mos and i gave it from the spoon never from the bottle because they are more apt to choke on it so you can try it and see when he gets a lil older i would say but definatley ask your doc first. Just small spoon fulls every other day is the way to start. that way you can see if the baby can handle it and try simple rice first not oatmeal until they get more experienced. oatmeal can cause constipation in some babies but so can rice. but rice is recommended.

Natalie - posted on 09/09/2009




If the baby is under-weight or having trouble gaining, it is common for Dr.'s to suggest cereal in the bottle. Also, if the baby is not getting a full sensation asfter feeding, it can make them very colicky. I gave my son cereal in his bottle at 1 week old because he wasn't getting that full sensation. It worked like a charm. No health problems. Try it very watery & diluted in formula or breast milk & see what happens. It will not hurt the baby. At most, they may get a little constipated. But that usually just means it needs to be more diluted. Not that the baby can't handle it. I hope this helps. Good luck =).

Angela - posted on 09/09/2009




I would wait but go with the advice of your dr and what your baby is telling you. If he is showinginterest in food and he can push it back in his mouth then you should be good though.

Anna - posted on 09/09/2009




No - too young. 6 months is the recommended age but some start a little earlier if they seem to be really interested in food but definitely not earlier than 4 months. You can tell if he is not ready because when you put some food in his mouth, he will push it straight back out again. This is an in-born reflex that saves them from choking. When he is ready for food, he will watch you eat and grab at your food.

Some people will recommend putting cereal in his bottle (if you are bottlefeeding) but it's not a good idea for several reasons. His tummy is not ready for solids yet. It can cause gas and constipation. Some studies show that there is an increased chance of allergies, reflux and stomach problems if infants are fed solids before 6 months (this information comes from the World Health Organisation.)

If you are breastfeeding, keep it up as long as you can - it is all he needs. Some people exclusively breastfeed for 8-10 months, or even longer in some cases.

Katarina - posted on 09/09/2009




My Dr. told us to wait until our son was 4 months old. We tried then but it only made him constipated. We tried again at 5 months with oatmeal and he's doing ok.

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